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Friday, November 18, 2016

PlayBack: Anj Florendo – You Are Here (Album)

09/20/2016 02:54:57 PM

Anj Florendo seemingly took what she really wanted on her music – that is to make more #hugot-driven music through alternative ballads. And it looked like a new chapter of her book with those pieces of art.

While she had some acoustics on the side, You Are Here has showcased Florendo and her band doing upbeat tracks – that funk-driven Stay and her latest single Kamusta?

And as salestalk-like as it seems, don't stop the disc yet once the Kamusta fades down as a random secret gem Alcohol makes it an 8-track album in all. Well, I think there should've been a formal separator between them because the pause between these two songs were longer than what it is supposed to be.

You Are Here isn't just a piece of evolution of Anj Florendo. It is an adventure. What lies ahead of this musician? That is something has yet to be seen, though she has taken another major step.

Verdict: 7

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