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Thursday, November 17, 2016

PlayBack: Anj Florendo – Undress (EP)

09/20/2016 01:28:30 PM

When this lady performed during a random Docdef gig a year ago, there's something beneath her words and music that makes it as special as it is. Well, frankly, every craft has its unique essence at their own right; but Anj Florendo's songs comprised of various angst and drive of emotions – something most of us know by now as hugot with the hashtag. Be it in melody or in lyrical form.

Espcially Tapusin. Kinda ironic on a superficial level this song placed at the top of the tracklist. But that's just it; the original set-up started them all, and the melodrama piano culminated it.

Florendo's tracks in this EP was seemingly the hugot experiment project, going from alternative ballad, to a bit of techy (Parallelism); then just the plain light rock (the title track Undress) to acoustic ballad (Ito Na Naman), and then piano. As it seems, Undress was a literally stripped down (without any greenish pun intended) show; going from the heavy stuff to the lightened ones without drenching the emotions unveiled in each track.

That being said, I'm quite interested to see how Florendo will make her musical mark further with her 2015-released album You Are Here.

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