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Monday, November 07, 2016

PlayBack: An Honest Mistake - We're Alright

10/07/2016 12:39:55 AM

One of my friends from the synth pop known as Paranoid City tipped me into this. This is one of their friends they met in that big event held at Cebu City a few years ago. And later on, they were doing gigs both on the countries Malaysia, Philippines and even South Korea – in the recently Zandari Festa.

An Honest Mistake is a punk rock band from Malaysia. And they were rocking their homeland since 2008. But it was only this year when they released a single under major label Universal Music Malaysia.

This quartet flew to the country on June 2016 to shoot their debut single We're Alright under the direction of Jasper Lawan of Cinematic Creatives.

And with the outcome of this video? Well, not surprising at all to see the Filipino touch in collaboration with Malaysian music.

Plus the synth in this song was actually made by Japo Anareta of Paranoid City and Tanya Markova. Bandwagon also reported that he was also part of the filming crew as the assistant director. In addition, Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywood and Sixx played a major role in this project, with tons of Filipinos as part of the screen actors.

While some may have been confused in the straight-forward concept of the video, I think this is where this band was actually starting at – the full-blown house party setup wherein you might see some pros and cons of the wild life with money, drinks, rock and roll lifestyle and even sex were converged in this 3 minute, 15 second-long clip.

And frankly, the upbeat may be somewhat have an average to superior feedback, but at least it was an honest one, I suppose. Make no mistake about it.

Expect this collaborative effort to flourish further soon. Like I hear they will have two shows here in the country this month!

Verdict: 8


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