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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Hell In A Cell 2016

11/08/2016 04:59:44 PM

We got triple main event matches that make this RAW-exclusive PPV as historically big as it gets. And why not? They were staging the 2016 edition of WWE's Hell In A Cell at the epic TD Garden in Boston, the place where the dominating Boston Celtics lives on.

But is it really epic or just plain dragging, considering the entire program lasted for five freaking hours; almost equalizing SummerSlam for that matter. They had an hour for the pre-show, 3 hours and 16 minutes for the main program and around 43 minutes for the fallout-like RAW Talk. While the programming has been making drastic changes (thanks to the WWE Network), five hours of wrestling in a Sunday can be really dragging, unless it's WrestleMania time.

Anyway, let's just slam the rundown, shall we?

Kicking off is the tag team match between six cruiserweights, and that includes Sin Cara. And it might be unpopular but that was my only best non-HIAC match of the night. And there's a reason why this one wasn't in the preliminary cards (but I still wish they made it there). And not just for Cara, Cedric Alexander, and Lince Dorado, but this just gives us a sneak preview on what's in store for our crusierweight division.

Plus Corey and Mauro in the commentary seems a promising to be gold ina long run. They just have to learn the ropes of getting along for now, especially they will both run 205 Live later this month on the WWE Netwrok.

Verdict: 9.0

The HIAC show officially started with a Hell in a Cell match with the United States Championship at stake. And with the match covering almost 30 minutes of the event, we all know we will up for a grueling ride, especially when Roman Reigns and Rusev taking more time to be as brutal as possible.

Make no mistake about it: these two had able to put up a solid match, especially to make the heir apparent look strong. However, I find this questionable: How would you sell defense if you're wearing a vest? Isn't that supposed to be torn off at some point. Other than that, the shoulder was the primarily target by the Bulgarian Brute and I think that's beautiful tale to publish.

But the ending was quite underwhelming; your shoulder was pressed against the obstacles most of the time, how would a single spear neutralize Rusev and the earlier shenanigans? Isn't that supposed to be hitting at least another one more?

Verdict: 6.6

Bayley vs. Dana Booke was like a perseverance in killing the bully. While Dana really looked fantastic in her in-ring outfit this time, the match looked her strong more than Bayley, it just so happened that the hugger prevailed by striking her the most painful way. See how they finished the match, belly-to-Bayley was no match despite few attempts by Brooke to break it up. Those six minutes fared better to 25 minutes inside the demonic cube.

Verdict: 6.9

Enzo and Cass versus Gallows and Anderson is a quick yet entertaining segment, with the former blowing references from Boston's famed sports clubs to pop culture used to diss The Club.

But I just hope The Club will still be running after The New Day for the golds. Maybe, that will come after the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions managed to surpass Demolition's title reign.

Verdict: 7.5

Well, looks like the second Hell in a Cell match came way too early as Seth Rollins clashed with Kevin Owens for the Universal Title just barely less than 80 minutes into the event. And if they were hyping the event itself, this could've started the main HIAC gig with so many spot fest and equally brutal than the first Hell in a Cell match earlier.

And Chris Jericho may have played a vital role of getting away with the interference, but this certainly has put the solid significance in their tale with Kevin Owens as bestfriends; while at the same time, inserting to a new feud with Seth Rollins anew.

That finish was an obvious swerve, and it may looked ugly via cheating at will, but this is how you book a new rivalry: playing with the rules and screwing the finish as beautiful as possible. No question, one of the best matches of the night for me.

Verdict: 9.0

The match for the cruiserweight championship has set another tale, and that has been a cheap shot for career renaissance. Well, as they say, if you can't beat them, join them – and I mean join the act of being a heel by acting like a victim then go on an easy tricky kill.

And that's what happened when Brian Kendirck have snatched the title from Kendrick Perkins. Well, Perkins might need a reboot on its gimmick, or maybe that's just me. Solid match to say the least.

Verdict: 7.9

Funny how the tag team championship match culminated; funny start, yet even funnier finish. Total entertaining, to say the least. The DQ finish yet Xavier Woods actually tapped to Cesaro – and that could've been a submission victory. It just so happened that Kofi Kingston was caught in the act of assaulting Sheamus at ringside first before the submission result, and the argument continues between the Celtic Warrior and the Swiss Superman. Man... hilarious, I must say.

Verdict: 7.7

The main event, though, was not perfect as it is. But goddamnit, these ladies were even more brutal than the four combined men inside HIAC earlier that evening (RIP German announce table). Barbaric could be another better term. No, diabolic; err, sadistic; uhm no... chaotic, perilous? Whatever as long as they incorporate the superior vocabulary of dangerous.

Yes, despite the botching finish, I think the last-ditch decision for Vince to award the victory to Charlotte may deemed fishy yet has a lot of reasons; well, for the first time in history, two women in Charlotte and Sasha Banks were engaged to fight inside the demonic structure. That being said, they deserved a WrestleMania-like entrance. It was literally, their baptism of fire.

And they deserved to close the show; if you hadn't got the hometown boy John Cena on RAW, at least give the lady Sasha Banks a hero's welcome. And that might be another reason for the projection – aside from having Charlotte's winning in PPV streak continues.

Yes, putting on the spotlight on the underdog, especially upon unleashing the inner Eddie Guerrero midway through the contest.

Let's just put this one down: the best match of the evening; but not necessarily of the year if we're talking the perfection of the craft.

Verdict: 9.2

While the Hell In A Cell certainly gave SmackDown Live a run of their money this time, the entire PPV was still dragging as fuck. The duration was just a bit over than RAW. And three hours of wrestling a night can be really exhausting.

Just a plain average to good event, I must say.

The Verdict: 7.7

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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