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Sunday, December 11, 2016

One Night Stand Gone Naught

12/08/2016 03:35:59 PM

It is barely three weeks since we have last seen one of the shocking moments in WWE this year. Just when we thought of Seth Rollins' return, Zack Ryder's WrestleMania moment, AJ Styles's Royal Rumble cameo, or a double cross by Triple H as the top moments that had made us talking, we were wrong.

It was at the 20th of November, during the 30th annual Survivor Series, we had a main event that was shorter than what we even expect from those kickoff matches. Bill Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar not only in absolute dominating fashion, but in an instant as well.

Heck, not even a quarter of the time they hyped this shit at all. 

But other than the 49-year old Goldberg allegedly tweaked his shoulder (that definitely sent everyone involved concern on his health), talks about him appearing in Royal Rumble proved he's more than just a present one-hit wonder –– or rather, just a piece of figure in the video game. That would probably be a more realistic rumor to confirm.

So does it appear like Brock has just did Bill a favor, like what Mean Mark has done to the Beast Incarnate two years ago? A term that Vince called “business decision?” Probably. 

The only problem with the main fight squash is that it has left majority unconvinced. Like really, you built a monstrous heel (who works as a part-timer in your company) only to be decimated by a fellow part-timer, but a much older, was just publicized more because of the “comeback” factor, and probably had a lot of ring rust than you?

But in the long-term it only made both looked strong as fuck. I mean, even if they don't make Bill Goldberg a winner in this Survivor Series match by plan, the fact that he could still perform at the top of his game says a lot. Brock, on the other hand, will further cement his legacy as a conqueror; a force to be reckon with. We'll never know that come WrestleMania, Lesnar will shock everyone.

And both of them would still take home your money anyway. No matter how bad you rant about the result.

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