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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Pre-Take: WWE Roadblock End Of The Line

12/14/2016 02:21:11 PM

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I have a strange feeling that this second edition of WWE RoadBlock will look like just a bit extended RAW show in one way or another. Well, with seven matches – one on the kickoff show, expect half of them to be a bunch of extenders along the way with spiels and promo videos trying to do so help in an expected 3 ½ hour show to culminate the WWE PPV schedule of this year.

Dubbed as Roadblock: End Of The Line, we got an iron man match for the first time in years (not one, but apparently two), a champion vs. champion tussle, and triple threat for the WWE Crusierweight Championship. And those were probably will set the finish for some headline feuds.

What makes it confusing is the fact that 205 Live is also an added brand to a supposedly-RAW exclusive event. Maybe because the cruiserweight division is still bannered by the WWE's flagship program.

In the kickoff show we have a match between Rusev and Big Cass. Goliah vs. Goliath, or clash of the titans, as we must say. I doubt Big Cass will pull off a win here. Rusev might be the victor at the end. After all, the writers have built the Bulgarian brute as a monster, only to be thwarted by Vince's heir apparent, that made him another mediocre item – just like his post-Mania feud with John Cena last year.

First in the program, Sami Zayn versus Brawn Strowman in a ten-minute match. Like are you kidding me? Just for 10 freaking minutes?! It's saddening that the underdog from the underworld hasn't been really utilized until this feud came off the bat.

But with the monstrous Strowman demanding for competition, let's see how far this match will end. Probably Braun will win, though a Sami Zayn victory will be better.

Next, Cesaro and Sheamus will face The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Championship, and this might be the end for Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E. This might also signal the end for Cesaro and Sheamus either – but just a chapter in their lives as they will be the holding the golds at the end despite being perceived as similar to the likes of Hell No.

And the record has been made anyway, so I think extending it further will just be an unpopular move.

Seth Rollins versus Chris Jericho. I think Rollins will finally get over the Y2J hump – win or lose – as this match should set the pivotal point of Seth's feud with The Game. It was at Roadblock when Hunter last wrestle in a non-WrestleMania event match. So the name itself might speak HHH.

But I'll go for Seth with this one anyway.

Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins vs. Brian Kendrick in a triple threat for the Crusierweight title? This speaks different from what they used to have since the inception of CWC (well, apart from the tag team match).

I am stills seeing Swann retaining the gold. Switching them to either Perkins (who kinda lost his swag since winning both the trophy and he belt), and Perkins (whose heel gimmick also went a bit stale), needs to dampen the refreshing spirit. The question is can these two handle present champ?

This should spell an end to Charlotte Flair's PPV streak – the 30-minute ironman match against Sasha Banks for the RAW Women's Championship. Like seriously, let the BOSS win her PPV defense, please? And move on to the other potential femme fatales who also guns for the white-and-red golds? Apart from Bayley, who else could be the standout for the women's division as a title contender? Hey, there's Nia Jax, to say the least!

This might look like champion vs. champion, but the good news is Roman Reign's US Title is NOT on the line. Only Kevin Owens' Universal Championship is. Could the match spell FO for the Jeri-KO? I probably think so.

Or they could get their shit on one last time, but a double-cross will take place afterwards. We'll never know.

If this will be end of the line for Kevin Owens, please make Roman Reigns look strong the way it should've been. The over-experimentation has gotten way, way, way overhand that it looked him more of a joke than being a top henchmen. Just too bad.

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