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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Scene Around: Revolver Duality (Heels & Faces)

12/14/2016 10:31:03 AM

In a middle of a busy weekend, I had another raket aside from covering the E-sports and Gaming Summit; so that speaks for the reason why I am still in the down southern part of Metropolitan Manila during that Saturday night as manning the gates of Revolver's monthly gig.

Called as Duality: Faces & Heels, Cris and Chuck's gig outfit obviously stated their never-ending fandom for professional wrestling. But certainly their lineup at least draw hundreds of attendant inside 19 East as MilesExperience, Reese Lansangan, EQUALS (which actually sounded new from me), Fools and Foes, Ang Bandang Shirley, Reese Lansangan, and Autotelic – whom thankfully still made it despite arriving 5-10 minutes later after the second to the last act.

Still worth the wait, considering this pop band coming off a gig in Century Mall. I must say it was indeed a tough grind for a lot of us during that long weekend. And being at the premier live music venue once again – this time as helping the prod in executing the event (even by just manning the entrance door)? It was both an honor and privilege to do so. Kudos!

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