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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Thank You, Braun!

04/16/2017 11:12:38 AM

As much as I wanna star away from giving too many opinions for what's happening at the pro wrestling world, this video suddenly made me do otherwise.

Just when a lot of us thought that Roman Reigns will be a hell of a villain in the current landscape, we have seen this.

It was somewhat clear the feud of Reigns and Braun Strowman was far from over thanks to the interjection of the phenom we know as The Undertaker. It was a swerve that said “Shut up and get out. This is the battle between our yards and not yours” best with a chokeslam.

But eight days after WrestleMania, there goes the feud again and it has gone from whereabouts. And probably I can sense that there will be a special stipualted match. If within the next coming weeks we will see another set of variations like lumberjacks or ladders or another backstage scuffle, this should call for either “fall counts anywhere” or the “three stages of hell” match.

And why not? Reigns' proverbial upset has came from the gates of hell with Mean Mark. That was obviously surviving a a thrill ride.

But the question: has a double turn took place? Is Roman supposed to be the underdog in the corner or Strowman being the people's heroic beast? (However, that looked like the Beauty and The Beast, though.)

Funny how someone made a petition for Strowman to be fired. Hey kid, you know the show is scripted, right? Get the fuck over it. I doubt that went over the top here and it's quite normal in he WWE landscape to throw around objects no matter how distasteful and disrespectful it may look... and that includes the ambulance right there.

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