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Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Pre-Take: WWE WrestleMania 33 – Women's Championship Matches

04/02/2017 09:55:33 PM

Initially, I was kinda saddened by the fact that we will only witness a six-pack challenge for the SmackDown Women's Championship match in a kickoff show. Until they decided to do otherwise. Hey, after all, how will the people worldwide will feel the glow 

It might be clear that Alexa Bliss' run might come to an end. A Natalya victory might put a staple on her resume. And why not? She has been one of the fiercest workers in WWE for so long that I admire her even if she's a heel by now. 

It is clear that this is also a match for everyone; and probably a Mickie James victory might prove that she indeed still got it after a series of scuffles with Asuka and Becky Lynch for the past five months. Becky, though, might have another WrestleMania loss, and there's a little way that Carmella might won the title – though it might end up to be a two-night wonder (considering the fact that she and James Ellsworth has been the annoying duo for the past few months).

But there's no way that Naomi would end up losing. I mean, come on, she deserved to win this title. And make it a serious lengthy run.

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From SmackDown, we move to RAW as a Fatal 4-Way elimination match takes centerstage between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Nia Jax.

I think WWE owns Sasha Banks a huge WrestleMania moment aside from having cousin Snoop Dogg as her partner on her way to the entrance ramp. And I doubt a sudden heel turn might happen. No way she can turn back on Bayley... yet. Sad to say, this white-and-red title might end up being on hot potato again.

But a Nia Jax victory might make everyone talking more of her and WrestleMania. However, this might end up to be another case of Zack Ryder.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks in the last two standing moment would captivate the beautiful culmination of this feud that has been running for so long since their NXT days. But that said, Banks would once again legitimate her status as the Boss of the Women's Revolution.

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