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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Orange & Lemons 'bring out the best' in new song

09/12/2020 05:09:34 PM

Almost in time for the third year since reuniting, Orange & Lemons just released its third single “You Bring Out My Best.”

The new single is considered among their most delightful work to date: a song that finds Clem waxing poetic on the intimate moments that he once shared with a fictional ex-lover.  

Clem Castro, the band's chief songwriter and producer, said this track was initially pitched as a track intended for a commercial project, but the band, later on, decide to release it instead as a stand-alone single. 

“We just love how the song turned out,” Clem said in a statement. “It’s the first time we sat down together working on a concept material, with no relevant inspiration for it. Just a play with words and melodic lines.”

It was a work done overnight for this quartet as “You Bring Out My Best” was written, arranged, and demo-recorded last February 2020 at O&L’s drummer studio from 4pm to 3am. They have to make use of their time together to a maximum, because they live far from one another, with Clem already having an approximate idea of a verse and chorus lines for the session. After jamming with the band, they brainstormed on adding sections and parts to complete the demo. 

“The resulting production has that trademark O&L sound, and much, much more because of the contribution of our keyboard player, who after more than a year of being an official member has immersed himself in indie-pop stylings,” the Orange & Lemons frontman adds.

The production packs a punch in a way that is seamlessly understated but compelling—never overdoing the process to gain attention or impress music fans. But it’s the songwriting that remains front and center to this massive release, a distinct mold whose appeal transcends generations of any kind. 

Four months after the demo was shelved, Orange & Lemons finally braved the studio to resume recording of their new single “You Bring Out My Best.” But they had done it in accordance with today's health and safety protocols, specifically being armed with disinfectants and face masks. 

“We had to remove our shoes when tracking, and only one person is allowed at a time to record,” said Castro. “The rest had to wait outside at the receiving area of Sonic State Audio in Mandaluyong City.”

“You Bring Out My Best” is out on all digital platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records.

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