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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Kubra Commander joins Lilystars Records; releases new track 'The Now'

10/12/2020 01:03:44 AM

After flaunting their series of additions, Lilystars Records has welcomed Kubra Commander to its roster of music talents.

The psychedelic rock outfit from Cebu has joined the indie music label known for championing some of the impressive names such as Orange & Lemons, Alessandra De Rossi – more known as ADR, and other notable acts such as Project Orange, Bryan Estepa, and Dey Rose. Complimenting this move is their jumpstart single “The Now, ” a brooding, post-punk number about “gaining a new perspective on things through experience, and having an inclination to share the experience with other people in hopes that they can gain something new in return.

Propelled by Kubra Commander’s inherent brand of disaffected cool, “The Now” starts off strongly with glistening synths straight from the ‘80s pop playbook and builds up into an anthemic chorus at a brisk pace. Music-wise, it sounds more indebted to the band’s post-punk and new wave influences, as well as the escapist, modern indie rock anthems of music acts such as MGMT and Empire of The Sun.

“I believe the chiming synth riff was what nailed it for me, playing it over the chords and beat gave a danceable feel to the track which I really liked,” vocalist and guitarist Bobbi Olvido shared the details about the music arrangements. “Everything just followed through from that point. It's the first song wherein all the members we're able to contribute in the recording process, and it was quite easy to have everyone be on the same page production-wise. I also wanted to try to play with the idea of singing all the verses first and having all the choruses after.”

Prior to signing with Lilystars Records, Kubra Commander has made noise online with their breakthrough track, “On Your Left,” which it to CNN’s 8 New Local Releases for your Listening Pleasure and earned a glowing review from indie music website, Flying Lugaw. And with the new single, the band hopes to release its upcoming new album. Rhythm Tourists, in 2021.

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