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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Darren Espanto wants you to "Believe in Christmas" through his new song

11/19/2020 01:09:13 AM

Despite the pandemic, Darren Espanto still believes in Christmas, and shares why we should, too.

Through his new song, the popular young pop singer wants us to believe that love will always be our guiding light even in the most difficult of times. Through using  his voice as a catalyst to spark hope and inspire others to make a positive difference, Espanto remains optimistic and aims to keep the Holiday tradition alive by spreading kindness and joy this festive season, 

But aside from that, the hit recording star wants everyone to see it with a renewed perspective: that the cherished holiday traditions are more than just about sumptuous feasts, as well as a celebration of new beginnings and unwavering hope of much better days ahead, and an opportunity to encourage everyone to be there for one another even when the going gets tough. 
“This year, there’s no other way to celebrate Christmas but to be grateful for the simple things that life has to offer amid trying, challenging times,” Darren Espanto said in a statement. “More than ever, this gives us a chance to strengthen our faith and love for one another, and protect the family and loved ones whose lives matter more than anything else in this world. This Christmas is different from what we’ve been accustomed to for sure, but I’m positive that we’ll emerge stronger, better individuals after this crisis unfolds. For as long as we have each other, no grueling situation can hold us down.” 
Filipinos are known to be a nation of resilient race, a trait that shows our capacity to bounce back from any adversity – be it recession, personal catastrophe, or a storm. Through the new anthem, Believe In Christmas, Espanto discusses hope amidst brokenness and frailty.

Believe in Christmas” isn’t just your typical Holiday anthem wrapped in high spirits and effervescent glow. Written by industry respected songwriter, Tiny Corpuz, the song’s message aims to spark the light of hope in a world full of dimly lit spirits especially going into the Christmas season. It acknowledges the current time and situation that we live in, but as the lyrics put it, “When love shines through, there’s always something more: a new season, a new reason, a spark of hope and joy to believe in.”

For his part, Darren interprets the material with utmost care and sensitivity, singing like his life depends on it, and fleshing out the song’s nuances with every fiber and being. The Canadian-Filipino recording sensation has always been known for his incredible technique and soulful singing, but on “Believe in Christmas,” he has also developed a deeper understanding of the narrative, perhaps because it feels closer to home, and it doesn’t feel removed from what’s happening in the real world. 

This time, he’s also more involved in the recording process as a vocal producer, ensuring that he’s in top shape to get the best vocal performance possible. “Believe In Christmas” composer and overall producer Tiny Corpuz attests to Darren’s potential as a multi-faceted artist with so much talent in his hand. “Darren is a total performer, he sings, dances, even acts, and now exploring on songwriting and production. A true artist knows what he wants. We’ve witnessed him grow. He’ll definitely go places with that kind of determination and passion.”

Released through MCA Music, Darren Espanto's new single Believe in Christmas was officially released on 13 November 2020. 

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