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Friday, April 30, 2021

Ace Banzeulo keeps his hot streak of hit singles in 2021 with 'Mayari'

04/13/2021 08:07:03 PM

After attaining success early in his career with two songs, Ace Banzeulo is ready to conquer the insurmountable with the release of his new single Mayari under Sony Music Philippines. 

The 20-year old singer-songwriter from Manila said the trap-infused synth-pop tune was inspired by the goddesses and characters from Filipino mythology, using it as a metaphorical springboard to essay his personal take on romance, toxic masculinity, and privilege.
“The song's approach to the myth discusses how wrong arrogance and privilege is when used as a leverage to attracting someone,” the young hyphenate shared in a statement. “The song questions toxic masculinity in a relationship as it is inspired from the war between the God of the sun, and the Goddess of the moon. In the song, the girl finds interest in one guy, and comfort in another. The main reason for their conflict is miscommunication.”
Written and produced by the artist himself, the song attests to his openness to discuss personal issues from a socially aware lens, cutting out the posturing for a message that is universally relatable and morally responsible. 
“I'm proud that the combination of my way of storytelling and deep involvement with my art gives my audience a fully different experience. I'm continuously growing as an artist, and I'm very, very specific with what I want to create and how it should be presented.”
Production-wise, Mayari sparkles to life with its amalgam of chillwave textures, ‘80s-sounding synths, hip-hop/R&B verses, and modern trap beat concocting a version of bedroom pop music that yields ecstatic returns.
“Mayari has a very diverse arrangement since it starts with a slow verse, an engaging chorus followed by rap verses and a synth solo,” Banzuelo added. “I produced the song by using digital vintage synthesizers with modern minimal trap beats on top. I think what makes it contemporary sounding is my way of using consistent modern sonic textures in my songs: a cross between the past and the present, just like how I made the concept of the song's story.”
Mayari is the last song off Ace Banzuelo’s thematic streak of melancholic pop tracks—a prologue of some sorts that aims to introduce his work to the general public. Prior to this, the young and upcoming singer-songwriter/producer released two songs – Himala and Malayo – in 2020; and it garnered a combined 4 million streams on Spotify alone, which made him one of the most exciting new solo acts. Not to mention, Ace Banzeulo was also handpicked as part of Spotify Radar’s global emerging artist program for the second year in a row—an impressive feat that allows his music to reach more people outside of the country. 

Meanwhile, the talented young musician is determined to elevate his artistry to an entirely new level in his next era. 
“I'm very certain that my next project is entirely different, I'm focusing on working on my strengths as an artist and become the instrument instead.”

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