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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Newsletter: Manage screen time with Lenovo ThinkVision Eyesafe-certified monitors

04/26/2021 09:27:28 PM

Author's Note: Lenovo has launched two new monitors that surely aim for users to manage screen time while taking care of their eyes. 

See how the new ThinkVision T24i-2L and T27h-2L monitors can achieve their objectives at this modern and pandemic-riddled time in this press release below.


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered life as we know it, pushing people to adapt to new norms. In its commitment to continuously innovate to address challenges in the Philippines, global tech leader Lenovo is now offering some of the first Eyesafe-certified monitors in the world. The newly launched ThinkVision T24i-2L and ThinkVisionT27h-2L were engineered with Natural Low Blue Light technology that comes with TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort and Eyesafe certification, ensuring they provide a more natural color experience compared with software-only solutions.

Studies have suggested that the changes to the norms brought by the pandemic have resulted in increased levels of screen time, sparking concerns about harmful blue light exposure. Undergoing a service-led intelligent transformation, Lenovo has developed solutions to help consumers with their most critical needs. The ThinkVision monitors are ideal for users who spend long hours in front of a screen. The monitors reduce harmful blue light without compromising optimal performance. Both Eyesafe monitors’ In-Plane Switching panel displays with ultra-thin Near Edgeless bezels deliver high-performance display solutions that guarantee color accuracy and eliminate yellow distortion.
“Lenovo stays true to its commitment to design with purpose to meet our customer’s needs. As we become more and more connected to the digital world, Lenovo developed these Eyesafe-certified monitors to ensure that long screen times have minimal health repercussions. With the increased concerns about screen exposure, we have proactively developed products that feature the most advanced eye care technologies and maximize comfort through innovation,” said Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager Michael Ngan.

ThinkVision T24i-2L

The ThinkVision T24i-2L features an ergonomic display designed for user comfort to boost productivity and offers flexible connectivity options, enabling users to easily plug other devices or accessories necessary to complete tasks.

The ThinkVision T24i-2L dons a minimized square base, phone holder, and a flexible cable management system, allowing a comfortable work environment while helping users stay organized throughout an entire workday. With functionalities including lift, tilt, pivot, and swivel, the monitor allows users to adopt a posture that suits their needs and style for a more ergonomic work experience.

It offers an impressive display from any angle, allowing users comfort and flexibility in working accurately with intricate details. Its 24-inch FHD In-Plane Switching display gives a 1920x1080 screen resolution and 93 pixels per inch without distorting content when viewed from up to 178° angle from either side, maximizing screen usage. Accessories like speakers, external hard drive, or even an additional monitor may be easily connected with its flexible connectivity options featuring four USB 3.2 Gen1 downstream ports, VGA connector, and HDMI port, among others. With these features, constructing a multi-monitor setup is quick and simple for easy multitasking and improved productivity.

ThinkVision T27h-2L

The ThinkVision T27h-2L was crafted with an eye-safe display that supports multitasking professionals, offering superior work experience, and designed with a smart connectivity option through the USB Type-C one-cable solution with a Smart Power function that detects overall power consumption and manages the power delivery to each device.

The ThinkVision T27h-2L, meanwhile, delivers a high-performance display solution with its 27-inch QHD In-Plane Switching panel that features 2560x1440 resolution, 99% sRGB color gamut, and 109 pixels per inch, offering greater details and making work on large spreadsheets easy and trouble-free.

Users can conveniently set up a multi-screen workspace that allows accessories and other devices to connect seamlessly, thanks to its smart connectivity capabilities. Supported by a variety of connectivity options including four USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, a USB hub, and an HDMI port, users are provided with seamless and effortless multitasking capabilities. The Eyesafe-certified monitor is also designed with a USB Type-C one-cable solution that comes integrated with Smart Power for better connectivity and power efficiency. This smart solution covers power, data, video, and audio transfers from a single port.

Like the ThinkVision T24i-2L monitor, T27h-2L was also designed with lift, tilt, pivot, and swivel capabilities for easier collaboration and a more comfortable user experience. It also features a phone holder, minimized square base, flexible cable management system, and a VESA mount for a clutter-free desk area.

Both monitors come with a built-in combination clamp at the back that is compatible to mount the ThinkCentre Tiny and Nano, Lenovo’s compact yet full-featured desktops, empowering users to work with space-saving devices for a more organized workspace.
“In developing a more connected world, we deliver Smarter Technology for All. This vision is driven by data, computing power, and algorithm, all of which enable us to better understand our customers’ needs and help them navigate intelligent transformation to adapt to global changes. Committed to this aim, we are well-positioned to lead intelligent transformation in Asia-Pacific, with the goal to bring experiences that are purposeful, unexpected, and brave,” said Ngan.

The Eyesafe industry-leading low blue light certification was based on comprehensive clinical health and safety research. It was developed with the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board, a group of leading optometrists and ophthalmologists from across the globe.

The ThinkVision T24i-2L and ThinkVision T27h-2L are now available via Lenovo’s authorized partner resellers with retail prices of Php 8,850 and Php 15,499 respectively. Both Eyesafe-certified monitors come with a free three-year Premier Support Onsite Warranty and with an upgrade worth Php 500. Learn more about Lenovo’s Eyesafe-certified products here. More information about Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of Think devices is available at the Think PC official Facebook page at and the Lenovo Philippines website.

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