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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Zack Tabudlo's two hit songs climbs up charts in 6 countries

05/04/2021 11:13:27 PM

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo isn't just making a lot of noise inside the country. In fact, his songs also reached beyond borders recently.

Zack Tabudlo's two blockbuster singles Binibini and Nangangamba have made a remarkable impact on local and international charts. Specifically, these tracks charted on Spotify Top 50 and Viral charts encompassing six countries: Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and of course the Philippines. 

The renewed success of Nangangamba was so evident that it attained crossover success on several charts abroad, including No. 15 on Spotify Canada Viral charts, and No. 20 on Spotify Saudi Arabia Viral charts.

Meanwhile, Zack's recently released single “Binibini” has peaked at No. 1 on Spotify Global Viral charts, Philippines Viral charts, and Philippines Top 50 charts respectively, making it one of the most-streamed releases in Asia in the first quarter of the year. Released last 26 March 2021, The kundiman-inspired alt-pop song has also dominated the charts all around the world, reaching No. 1 on Spotify Canada and Singapore Viral charts, and No. 31 on Spotify Hong Kong Viral charts.

Its music video, which was helmed by multi-awarded filmmaker Dan Villegas, has also dominated YouTube trending charts for more than a week, claiming the top position for several days since it debuted on the platform. To date, the Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin-starrer has over 7 million views and continues to gain significant numbers.

Not only that, TikTok has made his two songs reach tremendous success as well. “Binibini,” in particular, became a trend on the platform because of people showing off/dancing with their partners, and also hopeless romantics wishing for someone to dance with them in the rain. “Nangangamba,” on the other hand,” garnered traction because users were inspired by the song to confess to their crushes, and inspired a viral trend that allows them to give advice whether to confess their admiration or not. 

Elsewhere on the Spotify Philippines Viral charts, Zack Tabudlo’s two other singles “Sigurado” and “Iyong-Iyo” recently peaked at No. 7 and 8 simultaneously, pushing the hitmaker with a new record of four entries inside the top 10 of the said chart.

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