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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Leah Halili drops debut single 'Fourth of July'

07/11/2021 03:18:47 PM

Leah Halili has formally made her solo release this past Fourth of July

Halili's debut single titled Fourth of July was released on the same date sake. The indie-folk-sounding song tackles a romantic journey between two people who met and found an instant connection. 
“I was inspired by life stories, and my personal story as well,” Halili said of the song. “Fourth of July is more than just a love song; it’s an ode to the immediate but unexpected thrill, the magic that only music can legibly explain.”
Leah Halili wrote the song herself, with acclaimed singer-songwriter Carlos Castaño adding remarkable layers to the arrangement as its producer. This collaboration resulted in a spare, but intricately beautiful piece that conveys Halili’s most compelling sense of artistic identity yet, which one could compare to the likes of Laura Marling and Lucy Rose.
“I wrote and finished the song sometime in June and sent it to my friend Carlos who instantly wanted to work on it,” said Leah Halili. “It was exciting to see how the song grew from just my vocals and guitar to a full band with strings. It was a bit challenging to record because I had to trust my musician friends to add their own sound to the song, and interpret it in a way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the material. I’m glad that I took risk, and allowed these talented people to be part of my personal journey.”
Joining Halili, bassist of the hit and hip indie band The Ransom Collective, in creating Fourth of July are drummer Pat Sarabia (Apartel, Wilderness, Oh, Flamingo!), guitarist John Apura, and string instrumentalist Princess Ybanez (ROUGE). Radiating positive energy, “Fourth of July” aims to resonate with anybody trying to rebuild themselves in the aftermath of uncertainty, finding light in love and second chances, and turning outwards to express one’s feelings with a more assured stance. 
“I want my listeners to feel the warmth of the song through its lyrics and overall sound. I hope they get to smile again, just by hearing the track.”

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