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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Rundown Slam: WWE Survivor Series 2021

11/27/2021 01:41:42 PM

Photo from WWE/CNET

It's time again that World Wrestling Entertainment has set the competition among its two brands in time for their annual Thanksgiving tradition, Survivor Series. Over 15,000 flocked the Barclays Center for the first Survivor Series show with the live crowd since.

And for just five in in six years, RAW has dominated in a lopsided fashion, though leaving one of two Smackdown-related wins relatively big as the Head of the Table continued his unpinned dominance. That's beside the fact that Netflix movie Red Notice has been its co-presenter in this edition.

WWE's 2021 edition of Survivor Series did not really showcase the best of the best, but it wasn't a total clusterfuck. It appeared to have a near-solid outing from start to finish simply because the opening and closing matches were the standouts of them all. Unfortunately, the event's stapled elimination tag team matches were not only underhyped. They were also underdelivered despite having a couple of interestingly entertaining moments along the way.

Bianca Belair proved she is today's stellar talent in the women's division as the sole survivor, while Becky Lynch prevailed in what has been perceived as a ferocious cat-brawl.

Meanwhile, most of the matches were so-and-so but quite good if you're just a casual fan. The multi-brand battle royal has been nothing short of comedy despite having a seething behemoth like Omos winning it. At least, the Street profits had boxes of Pizza Hut.

Lastly, Big E did not come up weak despite losing at the main event, and that's how a big WWE PPV event closing match should be. The current WWE Champion proved he deserved to be at the top-tier of the E, something that some of us have perceived since he entered the main roster nine years ago. On the other hand, Roman Reigns continued his streak—and hell, he even won the contest clean despite being the heel in this match-up. This proved how the Head of the Table had become a dominant force since returning on last year's SummerSlam.

Apparently, Survivor Series was the last pay-per-view event WWE would be staging for the year as no December show would take place. They'll return on 1 January 2022 for Day 1.

Verdict: 7.7

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