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Saturday, November 20, 2021

VVS Collective serenades the country women in new pop-rap song

11/13/2021 12:38:12 PM

Promising hip-hop quartet VVS Collective has recently made a pop-rap song, and it pays tribute to the  women of the countryside.

Known for their distinct looks, effortless grace, and captivating intelligence redefine conventional standards of beauty, Probinsyana is the rap crew's romantic serenade for every ‘country’ lass who took their breath away in recent years. VVS Collective defines this sparky song as “a feel-good track which many Filipinos can relate to.” 
The collective added, “It’s about searching and pursuing that dream girl who lives in the suburbs or the province. It expounds on the qualities of a province girl who’s simple yet has everything you’re looking for in a girl. With the thousands of islands that the Philippines has, the track will surely transcend to all Probinsyanas all over the country.”
What makes it extra special is their attempt to take a stand against urbanite snobbery and Manila-centrism in a song that celebrates women of all kinds, regardless of their geographical and social background.
As Gabrang puts it, “let's face it: there's prejudice here in Manila towards Bisaya/Probinsyano. We see people make fun of them, and sometimes, they’re treated as inferior because of the way they talk, their skin color, and their background. Probinsyana is our way to boost their confidence, and celebrate their inner beauty and captivating uniqueness. I hope it inspires them to look things differently and be proud of who they are and where they come from.”
But more than just creating a romantic-themed pop-infused single,  VVS Collective proves that they are primed for mainstream crossover—thanks to their incredible ear for hooks and melodies, and the lyrical sincerity that they effortlessly bring to the table.
King Promdi, who is part of the hip-hop group, produced the track and incorporated a sticky, ear-candy of a chorus deserving of a viral TikTok dance, which resulted in a summer jam for all seasons whose catchiness is hard to ignore. 

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