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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Art of Bodybending's Red Hot Lovin' song and music video says No to Being a Victim

12/11/2021 10:55:13 PM

In time for the holidays, Art of Bodybending will release her upcoming single and music video titled Red Hot Lovin'.

Containing, grooves and funky organ solo, this cheeky song depicts a satire tale about capitalism and the way it enslaves the best of our passions. It specifically speaks of a woman’s frustrations about not being able to find personal time around work, and sneaking trysts with her man… only to get even more frustrated because, well… he always finishes before she does! 
“The backstory of the MV is about how the first job opportunities for women were so sketchy, they were little more than human trafficking.”, the contortionist singer-songwriter tells us. “Women from the country are tricked by the prospect of a job into entering brothels and illegal businesses set up by organized crime members.”
“The character I created was one of those women who ends up working as a waitress in a restaurant with a brothel upstairs. But she refuses to play along to their bullshit, and instead, asserts her own willpower by bullshitting them, as a rebellion behind their backs”
Filmed on location at the whimsical looking Pan de Amerikana, its music videe is set to Mafia era of the 1940s that reminds us us of the Amazonas of the Huk, the female communist leaders who wreaked havoc upon a broken social system.

Catch the Single and Music Video Release of Red Hot Lovin’ on December 24.

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