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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Vince McMahon is Wrestling, Whether We Like It or Not

08/01/2022 07:31:24 AM

Vince McMahon (Photo credits: WWE, Wrestling Headlines)

Professional wrestling was just another circus act centuries ago, but it wasn’t until four decades ago when a third generation promoter put the sport on the map, just after enduring a marked decline in its popularity. 

And so it went even beyond borders, a bold game-changing move that made everyone love and hate him. 

It’s no secret to most of us kids in the ‘90s that there was a time when we were fond of the sport, regardless of whether we realized that it was fixed – or ‘scripted’ if you will – or not. The terms such as WrestleMania, Summer Slam, kayfabe, and Royal Rumble were all attributed to the worldwide boom of professional wrestling. Hence, no wonder why we tend to watch Saturday Night Main Event, Wrestling Challenge, or Superstars at our lesser known VHF channels. Hell, you’re lucky if you have cable back then and would be able to see WCW Monday Nitro at a random night when Cartoon Network calls it day and switches to its adult channel programming. 

Of course, World Championship Wrestling – Ted Turner's promotion who gave Vinnymac a run of his money in the ‘90s – would eventually fold after a fierce era we call “Monday Night War.” ECW, once helmed by the guy we call Paul E. Dangerously, they were also bought in the end, too. Suffice to say, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has built a world of his own and practically monopolized the major players of wrestling in North America. This simply means for most of us who have no (if not limited) access to watch anything about pro wrestling outside the US, we could only dig WWE-related stuff. 

And the problem with being the only big player in the market is how greed has grown further and how mediocre has expanded its form. Sure, one may ask, “You only followed the sport a decade ago. How would you say such a thing?” 

To which I would respond, “Exactly.” The PG era has done little good and more harm. In recent years, WrestleMania has expanded into a full weekend, which is a fucking drag. His promotion also focused on pushing superstars to the moon even if they’re not yet groomed to certain degrees yet. He seemed to have some hatred for tag team divisions. His micromanaging skills and all the frustrations that bore out of it have sent practically everyone cramming for their lives. All in all, his creative juices have left nothing but mostly sour tastes on the mouths. 

But that’s just one part of the roller coaster ride, although let’s face it: when you’re an old man running the show with some ridiculous decisions at the new norm and times? That’s gonna falter in one way or another. And to bring back either the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression or even the actual Boom era? That’s a senile perspective, actually. You just can’t ask someone to bring the old time for your own personal orgasmic satisfaction. That’s like demanding Ely Buendia to reform the Eraserheads because you haven’t personally seen them live during their heydays. 

Regardless, though, there’s nothing but a bunch of thank yous to the man who put the sport and its talents to the world stage; merging sports and entertainment in one form (hey, who would’ve thought of putting some of pyros to an entrance as if we are to witness a big fight night?); for telling stories which people can relate to and made everyone glued into their TV sets for at least one night out of seven. 

Despite all the controversies and boo-hockeys that haunted the company for decades, I don’t think there’s World Wrestling Entertainment (and I mean WWE at this stage) without Vincent Kennedy McMahon. One would probably retort that “he bought it from his father?!” Well, if he didn’t want to do a wrestling business in the first place, he would stay away from that anyway. Besides, he always wanted to create a world of his own and do it all as a performer, booker, and whatever role he’s capable of – or rather, he seems capable of. 

Although sometimes, I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the exposed hushes and affairs, Vince would have not stepped out of the company and now be seen as a “morally corrupt guy” added to the recent criticisms of “untouchable yet someone who lost his touch” as a person. 

With all that said, thank you Vince, even if you still suck. 

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