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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Witnessing 25 Years of Musical Brilliance from the Fire woman

03/22/2023 08:55:25 PM

Author's Note: Barbie Almalbis held her 25th anniversary concert earlier this month. And it wasn't just a typical milestone night for someone who celebrates a quarter of her existence as a musician, because this singer-songwriter didn't just perform as a solo act – it was also a reunion show for Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle, two of the notable names in the OPM band explosion era during the 1990s and 2000s.

The stage was set at 123 Block in Mandala Park, Mandaluyong City; and so many titos and titas of Manila were the witnesses for a Saturday evening of nostalgia. At this point, I'll let my correspondent Dan Labayo tell the story of what went around the Firewoman show. 


I spent my childhood during the 1990’s. And when you grew up during that decade, chances are you always had music on in your house. There, you’d probably remember several names like Rivermaya, True Faith, and Eraserheads. 

Definitely, you can never forget Barbie’s Cradle from the list. Hell, even the name Hungry Young Poets may ring a bell. If you saw Tabing-Ilog on some random weekend afternoons, you might have heard its official soundtrack – yes, including that mellow, soothing voice that opens the TV show. 

That, alone, is the reason why I know Barbie Almalbis. That also speaks why I almost freaked out over the thought of attending a concert headed by her.

As a place, 123 Block was awesome, and it was star-studded. Unfortunately, I can only name a few among every legendary people who were there. After all, I only had my attention on Barbie. Thankfully, the crowd was with me during that fateful Saturday.

Indeed, Fire Woman: 25 Years of Barbie Almalbis was a celebration of music. Sure, we can say Barbie was definitely the focus of the spotlight here. But we were aso thrilled to see different acts on stage during that night, such as I Belong To The Zoo, Kai Del Rio, BIRD, Clara Benin, Gabby Alipe, and Sandwich

However, the air just sizzled and there was electricity each time Barbie hit the stage. I was definitely in awe.

Aside from those, I can barely recall those moments which gave me hard time when I wrote this piece earlier. After all, who could actually forget her smile, as well the way she carried herself with grace? Or the way she switched from mellow tunes to almost heavy metal-like riffs, and her overall presence?  

Even for a long night, I actually enjoyed myself more than I thought. I can honestly attest that Barbie's silver anniversary concert was worth our time.

March 11 marked as the first time that I get to shoot music this year. And it was definitely a monumental night as we celebrate Barbie’s 25th anniversary in music. I have a hard time expressing these sentiments in words, and I'm honored and I hope I brought that night justice with these photos I took. 

Lastly, as time goes on while I look at these images, I will remember that one Saturday evening I met this woman, whom I once knew by name at first, but now have seen and heard, up close and personal.


Post-script: Check out Dan Labayo's Facebook page to see more photos about his coverage on Fire Woman: 25 years of Barbie Almalbis. I would like to thank the great team behind this awesome event, GNN Entertainment (formerly as Gabi Na Naman Productions) for inviting The SlickMaster's Files to cover this event. Also, thanks to Dan for taking over my spot during the evening.

Authors: slickmaster, Dan Labayo | © 2023 The SlickMaster's Files 

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