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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Newsletter: Indonesian singer-songwriter Kara Chenoa is coming to Manila


Jakarta-based singer-songwriter Kara Chenoa is set to make a gratis appearance in Manila for the upcoming The Rest Is Noise 36 (TRIN36) on May 26, 2023, at the Balcony Music House, Makati City. The award-winning Indonesian artist will be joining some of the most esteemed acts in the country, such as actor/rapper Elijah Canlas, hip-hop duo BLKD and Calix, dance-rock outfit Pedicab, and acclaimed electro-pop star Ena Mori, to name a few.

Pre-sale tickets are available at PHP 700 for limited quantities only, and regular tickets are priced at PHP 800:

Kara Chenoa is currently in the Philippines for a series of engagements, including a music video shoot for his collaboration with Filipino alt-R&B artist Jason Dhakal. The two acts are teaming up on “Lifetime,” a soulful and heartfelt tune about the potential for a lasting connection. Conveying one’s romantic connection to someone special, the song presents the protagonist’s desire for a bond that transcends time and dimensions, wondering if the feeling is mutual.

“The song emphasizes a willingness to break societal norms for love,” describes Kara. “Despite acknowledging the limitations of time, the characters in the lyrics are patient and willing to wait for the right moment. ‘Lifetime’ captures the longing, hope, and commitment associated with building a meaningful and enduring relationship.”

The upcoming single will serve as the focus track of his sophomore EP titled Green Banana, due to arrive on June 30. 

Through the years, Kara Chenoa has acquired an impressive list of collaborations from the region, such as Midnight Quickie on the single “Call My Name” and Jevin Julian on tracks “BAJ” and “No Clue.” The latter was nominated for an AMI Award for Best Urban Single. Kara’s music can't really be classified under one genre, with varying influences such as hip-hop, jazz, rock, and even traditional Indonesian doo wop in its sonic arsenal. His work serves as a reflection of how he sees himself: as a chameleon in the music industry.


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