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Saturday, March 30, 2024

How The Good Place Saved My Life (and the Modern-day TV)

12/23/2021 07:30:00 PM

Why has The Good Place saved my life? And how come?

At a time when the world has gone through certain kinds of uncertainty and craziness, my typical self would say "I would rather hide somewhere in the shadows and watch the world burn." 

But nah, I'm just kidding. I would rather spend my time watching documentaries about music, pop culture, sports, and comedy shows, because that's my best way to save my sanity. Since I got a hold of Netflix a couple of years ago, I put lots of this stuff on my watchlist. No wonder I am obsessed with the likes of FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Will & Grace, and Seinfeld. 

And I also checked out some short-lived ones like Great News, Ashley Garcia, and this program I would be writing about in this space. 

The Good Place is one of the shows that depict life in the... well, afterlife. Featuring two acclaimed actors (Ted Danson and Kristen Bell), this follows the life of four departed individuals searching their way to a place that serves as a euphemism for heaven. Imagine a God-less Miracle Workers and Westworld combined in a less tragic fashion.

It's no surprise that this sitcom has garnered massive acclaim from both critics and fans. For four seasons (or 53 episodes), this showed how people can be really good despite everything. The line between good and evil is also unclear and blurred, but it managed to depict the certainties of a deed determined as either right or wrong but in non-absolutes. 

But wait, there's more. Binge-watching this show took only a little of my time. Imagine watching this for 2-3 days, then feeling better afterward. Despite being funny, the philosophical and ethical stuff they injected made me keep going in life as its viewer and fan. 

Perhaps, to say it was the most acclaimed light-hearted show in recent memory would not suffice as a homage. Even for a brief run, The Good Place has said a lot that we people may need to know about us—living and the dead—in the most humane manner possible.

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