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Monday, October 16, 2023

Newsletter: Club Mild confronts past mistakes and regrets on new single “Sun Gazer”


Photo credit: not a tastemaker | IG: @wearenatm

Singapore-based indie pop trio Club Mild confronts impermanence with regret and meaninglessness on their latest single, “Sun Gazer.” Weaving a tapestry of introspection that resonates on multiple levels, the indie pop anthem combines vivid lyrical metaphors with funk guitars and pulsating electronic beats—a musical ode to facing mortality, embracing meaninglessness, and the overwhelming power of being the author of your own life.

According to David Siow, the band bassist, “Sun Gazer” was inspired by the feeling of being wracked with regrets that you end up “going around in circles” and “contemplating about bad life choices.”
Siow adds, “At the same time, you worry about making the same mistakes in the future. This back and forth between past regrets and fear of the future overwhelms you. It’s like staring at the sun, thinking you’ll find safety if you can find the edges. You end up in this hollow state of “not living”. Yeah, it’s about that, but with dancing.”

With a chorus that beckons, "I wanna go back and undo the things I’ve done," the song captures the sentiment of being paralyzed by the weight of past mistakes. But amidst this introspection lies a spark of hope, a yearning to transcend the confines of regret and find forgiveness within.

The song is written and performed by Club Mild, and produced by Malcolm Besley, a record producer, songwriter, and mix engineer who is also the drummer of Northeast Party House, a Melbourne-based electronic indie band.

“We’ve always been fans of this band called Northeast Party House; we even covered one of their songs once,” shares Siow. “So when Paddy found out that their drummer, Malcolm Besley, was their main producer, we reached out, did the Zoom calls, and got to work. Malcolm is brilliant; he managed to make all of the elements of Sun Gazer really slap!”

Formerly known as M1LDL1FE, the eclectic Singaporean band has performed in the Philippines twice, sharing co-headliner billing with Deafheaven and Delta Sleep on 2018’s All Of The Noise and performing as one of the guest international acts at last year’s GNN Year End Show in 123 Block.


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