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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

The WWE on Disney+ Problematic Experience

03/20/2024 12:52:15 AM

I knew it from the moment the news came about WWE Network going out of the Philippine shores back in late 2022. I wasn't that hopeful when the announcement of Disney+ acquiring WWE programming as part of its portfolio of offerings to the country.

Look, don't get me wrong on this: while I'm glad Disney+ came into existence as a whole because of me and my fond of Disney stuff, that doesn't mean I like my wrestling content on it – especially if it's very scarce and very atrocious to a degree. Besides, there are only two subscriptions I'm willing to throw my money on – music (which is Spotify) and wrestling (and I mean WWE Network). Had it differently, there's no way I would splurge a few hundred pesos on Disney+ since I already have like close to 750 pesos per month spent on these two streaming services.

But alas, I got no choice; that's aside from the fact that my PayPal had a small sum back then. So I tried it for a couple of months and got my initial skepticism right (at least, on the wrestling side of things). There was inadequate number of documentary and feature shows. Almost all of the series were lacking episodes. They haven't upgraded much their catalog since the acquisition, and not to mention, the eye-sore quality of live broadcasts. 

I don't think other events experienced this on Disney+. Only WWE programming did. The 15-24 frame per second on streaming? Goddamn, makes me wanna ask in disgust, like “Am I in a disco club watching people dance in strobe lights with a broad daylight backdrop?” Plus, the ridiculously censorship of the ads that sponsored WWE on their premium live events. It was so fucking annoying! They should've known better and understand that the promotion also had a prerogative in luring advertisers and sponsorship for their TV specials. 

Add to that is the fact that they don't air the entirety of the shows. Where are the promos? Those video montages that serve as a build-up to the matches we are about to see prior? Not all of them were streamed live on Disney+.

In over 1 ½ years, Disney+ didn't put some PLEs on their video on-demand library, with Backlash 2023 in Puerto Rico being one. So, if anyone who wishes to see that via this streaming app? Ha. They'll just be disappointed, just like yours truly. The NXT premium live events weren't also there, too. In other words, WWE on Disney+ just looked like your old school TV channel who may just broadcast their pay-per-view shows for just once – at very obscure time of a random night – and nothing more (You missed it? Okay, bye. Sorry you just had you chance earlier, loser!).

No wonder why people would resort in having VPNs or watching shows via illegal watching sites. Hell, if I have VPN, I will rather subscribe to Peacock or just go to IPTV because they can deliver my wrestling fix better than that lousy mouse app. Too bad.

At least, we can only hope that when Netflix acquires WWE programming by 2025 (with RAW being live at the select territories like the United States), we can only hope that WWE would drop the shit out of Disney+ so we can watch on the actual streaming platform and chill. Sorry not sorry, as if their customer service can actually do something about the disdain of their WWE fan-subscribers there. 

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