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Sunday, July 26, 2009

the best mj songs ever!

i know it's been a month since the world witnessed the untimely death of one of the legendary music icons of the 20th century in Michael Jackson and almost the entire (in not everyone) was shocked at that come June 26 morning (Manila time). As one of the million fans (whether solid, avid or just, whatever), here as my tribute my top 11 songs of Michael Jackson. and some of the best special mentions starting 12 onwards

1. Man In the Mirror
from the album Bad in 1987, and with the video showing all the clips involving the current events at that year, something that is quite unusual since MJ's videos were usually showing himself, doing his own sing and dance moves. this song actually spells one word for every listener of it: CHANGE

2. Billie Jean
this 1982 single from the best-seller Thriller tops the Billboard and other charts, with being at the #1 spot in around 7 straight weeks. and its music video was the first shown on MTV as the first music video of an african-american artist to be shown on the said channel. not to mention, the signature anthem for the signature dance - moonwalk. and also, this song became part of the soundtrack of Rocksatr Games' Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

3. Rock with You
perhaps you could spell motown music the MJ's way.... and also, the solo manner. with this 1979 single of his, it's no wonder some international music artists like this song, at all.

4. Ben
his single during those days of early 1970s where he is still part of his family group, the Jackson 5. a song dedicated to his pet rat? yea, you heard it right just in case you're not familiar with that song.

5. Black or White
aww!! that's the best intro this song has. from the album "Dangerous" released in 1991, with himself making that appearing at the statue of Liberty, well...maybe it's just studio or computer generated or something...

6. Heal the World
the charity song with another video of full of nothing but the happenings in the world. clear message, maybe we should hear it.... even some of our corrupt officials as well as the other inspirational songs from different artists.

7. Don't Stop 'til you Get Enough
this is such.... a 6-minute track full of disco blends of Motown, and arguably the very first single of Michael Jackson in the 1978/1979 album "Off the Wall"

8. Thriller
the longest music video ever shown, actually the MTV is also, a sshort film, cutted on a multi-million budget. hey, great show, eh?! not to mention the album itself was arguably the all-time best seller.... ever, unless someone oculd replace him which could be a mere long time from now.

9. Beat it
talk about 2 gangs involving on a fight there, huh?! and yeah, who's that guitarist whom collaborates with MJ at the instrumental part? i know it's from one of the best rock band in 1984 but i can't remember the name, haha! and who can't forget that red zipper jacket anyway?

10. The girl is mine

talk about collaborating with the Beatles' Paul McCartney on a song which battles one girl ny nonetheless, these two. at 1984 from the album "Thriller"

11. Bad
title track from his 1987 album, however his album couldn't raise its step higher of surpassing the 1982 record of Thriller. but a great song, no doubt about it, with your black leather jacket on.

the other follows, though sorry i can't give my own description at times.

12. Pretty Young Thing

13. Smooth Criminal
this is best shown or watched, should i say at his 1988 movie Moonwalker (or correct me if i'm wrong at that year of showing anyway)

14. In the Closet

15. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I know this song has a female duet counterpart (though i prefer someone would name it, please!)

16. She's Out of My Life
a moving on after a breakup song, no doubt.

17. I Want You Back
remebering those days of Jackson 5, this i one of their very first hits.

18. Remember the Time
good for flashbacks, haha, just kidding. with Eddie Murphy, Imam, and Earvin "Magic" Johnson appearing on their respective cameo roles.

19. They Don't Care About Us

20. Human Nature
i just rememer that he was the first perosn who popularized this song before Kyla do her own remake version of this in 2004 at the album "Not Your Ordinary Girl"

21. Blame it to the Boogie
at the Jacksons dring Michael's teen years... good song for a dance events... maybe, retro-slash-motown or purely motown should i say

22. You Rock My World
his last single at 2001, also the last to hit at least top 10.

23. You Are Not Alone
One of the best songs from the album "HIStory" earning a 1996 Grammy Nominee and Awardee

24. One More Chance
watch the documentary Michael Jackson Number Ones in Youtube part 5 and see that for yourself

25. The Way You Make Me Feel

26. Scream
collaborating wth her sis Janet, at HIStory album

27. Gone To Soon
a perfect song to play during MJ's death... maybe because we didn't expect him to died as early as the age of 50.

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