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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Battle Review: FlipTop - Dello vs. Target

08/23/2010 10:21 AM 

Perhaps one of the best local language-made rap battle videos I had ever seen.

If you're not a bit of fan of hip hop culture, then you better turn away from this page. 'Cause these two rappers seemed to have the right usage of words whether it's on cussing or just for plain teasing purposes.

Dello almost had a sluggish start, 'til he threw one line as if he was cracking jokes (well, that's basically called "punchlines"). But he's also indeed a great one in throwing rebuttals against Target.

Target, on the other hand was excellent in delivering his lines. And it also made such huge impact .

Both rappers had been good in their clarity, and the level of message their trying to convey is getting higher as far as the round goes. And count the the hype and the balance of elements right there.

So my verdict: (after re-updating this post, I managed to change my judgments in the first three rounds)
1st Round: tied (both actually had an overall good start)
2nd: tied (Target actually had the edge, but just a very slim edge over Dello)
3rd: tied (Dello's rebuttals should have own the frame, but Target had at his best round either)
So no wonder it should go to OT, (or better yet, double OT if only possible)
OT: Dello.
No wonder why. Target as I said was great in delivering his typical punchlines. However Dello owned the round more, as his lines were more solid.

Let's face it. The Skwaterhauz' main guy had more sense of humor than the DC Clan's star. (But on fan's standpoint, I still want double OT if only possible, but it's definitely not permissible to do so)

Feel free to check out the videos just in case you hadn't took a glimpse on it.

Final verdict: Okay, so it's 4.25 (8.5/10) stars for me.

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