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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just my opinion: Who really owns Spratlys?

Just my opinion: Who really owns Spratlys?

Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master


07:40 P.M.

Honestly, it’s hard to say that “we own Spratlys” when in fact we only read one side of an issue regarding on it. I admit that I’ve been using harsh language regarding my opinion considering the fact that China’s a big country (and even next to the super-country United States in terms of power) and they are spawning the land that allegedly supposed their own; Though by reading history books at least they can tell that Spratly islands are owned by us Filipinos. However there are claims by China that they used to have its own share of claim either, like those old dynasties ago. So were the other countries. Now if you’re Filipino and you have read history claims of China (well, you learn either Fookien, Cantonese or Mandarin though) and included that part, it’s really hard to point out which side are you really from, even if you have the nationality of the RP (or try doing that the other way, just in case you’re a Chinese.)

What the hell do I mean? I have researched about that certain group of islands some few days ago and here is the outcome. The Philippines had claimed the islands since mid 70s, which was known as Kalayaan group of islands. But before that, a private Philippine expedition explored that in 1956 and occupied the islands later on. It is also stated that in 1979, Philippines wants the seven islands of Spratlys under their government and not the rest of archipelago. That’s contrary to the geographical artifacts that the Spratlys are lying near RP.

However, other countries had its own share, such as Malaysia which joined the dispute in 1979. They based it on the fact that Spratlys are part of its continental shelf and that gives them under the so-called Law of Sea Convention which barely means that Malaysia has its control on the territory and resources lying at the Spratly group of islands.

Taiwan has its own share and in fact owning one of the biggest islands of that archipelago. claims to the island are based on its assertion that Taiwan and its Kuomintang government are the true China. Both Taiwan and the People's Republic of China say that the islands were discovered by Chinese navigators, used by Chinese fishermen for centuries, and under the administration of China since the 15th

century. However, since Taiwan claims to be the true China, the island should belong to them and not on the People’s Republic or Mainland.

In this research of in 1986 it is found that China and Vietnam were the main protagonists on the dispute.

(re-updated) 07-20-2011/12:23 p.m.

Nowadays, the issue remains after a treaty and exploration of the countries involved continues. Apparently, there is a settlement a mid-decade ago that allows China to explore the islands for the sake of oil. Since oil products have skyrocketing prices in the market nowadays, the world needs to seek new sources which apparently the Spratlys are one of them.

Now, there goes that China allegedly showing its superior strength over the other 5 country-occupants of the said archipelago, when they thwarted off Vietnam’s space and attempting to occupy the other islands that are already owned by the other explorers. And the Philippines came to the rescue and there goes the diplomatic trash talk between the two countries. Not only that, their constituents are throwing tongue-lashing words against each other and to the extent that the economic adviser of the Philippines shouting “boycott the China products.”

But, if you do that, that may be another topic to tackle. US shown their support to RP, but Chinese government warned the States to not to get involved in the dispute. And Singapore asked China to clarify its claim. And Vietnam even supports the republic in its fight against possible Chinese conquest.

However, as other issues arose to the circulation, you will wonder whatever happened to this dispute for some time later. One this is for sure though. China and the Philippines agreed that they will exhaust their diplomatic ways to resolve the dispute and they will definitely not use any means of military strength for the matter. At least, they’re at peace and hopefully for these two countries will remain their diplomatic relationship for some time.

Just imagine if there will be “War of Spratlys.” What can be the weapons that the other countries, particularly RP can slug against China? And at least, this is not a good sight on the part of the United Nations, ASEAN and other world organizations.

But one thing is for sure, let’s move on. They will definitely try to resolve everything in peaceful manner.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

NBA lockout triggers Stars in Manila showdown.

NBA lockout triggers Stars in Manila showdown.


08:39 p.m.

Just imagine a lot of National basketball Association players rounding up the globe for the sake of playing their sport as their passion and career. Deron Williams had been much heard like the guy wants to play in Turkey, so was Dwight Howard’s rumors in Eurasia and even for Kevin Durant’s.

Apparently even before the lockout issue, a lot of NBA stars had been playing for other countries and it shows when they don colors at FIBA tournaments, representing their homeland. Josh Childress had been playing for Euroleague at sometime before returning to the league. He had been on the verge of emerging under-rated small forwards at that time when he left Atlanta Hawks and after some few years, joining Phoenix Suns.

But let’s move fast forward. Kobe Bryant had been taking Manila by storm in nearly mid-July when Nike set an Asia tour. And that 1 day busy event for Bryant had been his 4th visit in the country, counting from the last 90s, in 2007 and in 2009. From doing sports charity works to exhibition games. By the way, his team lost to Smart Gilas by 4 points.

And how about Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant joining him in his return this time? Yes, you heard that right as MVP Sports Foundation organized an event that will surely hit every NBA fan in them. But they’re not carrying the name of the association and even the franchise that they’re playing with. That’s under the guidelines of the NBA involving lockout issues. What is a lockout? I can’t explain that since it’s more related to business and financial matters but you can do your research about it though.

So, this turned out already a big day for majority of the Basketball fans considering 2 top scorers, a reigning MVP, a Guinness-record holder for steals plus a playoff veteran and few youngsters from the league coming up for 2 exciting deals. The first game will unfold this Saturday (July 23), 7PM at the Araneta Coliseum which also known as The Big Dome. Apparently the size of this sports arena is one of the largest among the world in some few decades ago. But it doesn’t matter though as MVP’s TV network TV5’s sports block AKTV will cover that up for a lot of fans who couldn’t make it at the venue. Somehow, the prices of the tickets ranged from 350 to 5,500 pesos. Somehow, you may think like you are watching a concert but honestly, this one’s considered affordable since a lot of guys whom watches NBA in the arenas in the US and Toronto, Canada did spent more than these ones.

Game 2 is at Sunday, 1 pm though telecast will be at 5pm. By the way, they are colliding against our 2 teams formed and sponsored. 1st was against PBA selection team, which means players from different Philippine Basketball Association ballclubs were joined hand-in-hand for the contest while the next and last were Smart Gilas Pilipinas, a team that represents the country for the international competition. The difference? These guys were youngsters at international levels while the former had been the veterans and somehow played experienced playing overseas either.

Well, I can only say, this one is definitely must and exciting to watch. Can’t wait for the gates to open, the TV to sign on-air and the games officially begin!

Author: slick master ©2011/07/19 september twenty-eight productions

Zaldy Ampatuan for State Witness?

Zaldy Ampatuan for State Witness?
06:36 p.m.

You would think that a man whose name was badly accused of the arguably the worse journalist-killing case in the country will end up as a state witness against his family? I know you will definitely disagree with that. But, I’m not talking about the Maguindanao Massacre here. Instead, it’s all about the bad case of election fraud at the said province last 2004. I mean by cheating.
I don’t know the exact detail of it though, but that triggered a former man in the Commission of Elections in Lintang Bedol to suit up after merely 4 years of invisibility. He showed up earlier today by the COMELEC at the media.
Anyway, if that’s the case then I think it can be considered but it doesn’t mean that we watchers or constituents of this country will stop from keeping an eye on him. Not everyone on media can cover that even if the Ampatuan trial will be available to us.
But! Being a witness to this election-related case does not mean that he will be exempted from the crime that his family had done to 57 people last November 23, 2009. and I just hope the justice system will barely improve ‘cause a lot of us had seen enough of serving injustice!
Author: slick master
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