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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zaldy Ampatuan for State Witness?

Zaldy Ampatuan for State Witness?
06:36 p.m.

You would think that a man whose name was badly accused of the arguably the worse journalist-killing case in the country will end up as a state witness against his family? I know you will definitely disagree with that. But, I’m not talking about the Maguindanao Massacre here. Instead, it’s all about the bad case of election fraud at the said province last 2004. I mean by cheating.
I don’t know the exact detail of it though, but that triggered a former man in the Commission of Elections in Lintang Bedol to suit up after merely 4 years of invisibility. He showed up earlier today by the COMELEC at the media.
Anyway, if that’s the case then I think it can be considered but it doesn’t mean that we watchers or constituents of this country will stop from keeping an eye on him. Not everyone on media can cover that even if the Ampatuan trial will be available to us.
But! Being a witness to this election-related case does not mean that he will be exempted from the crime that his family had done to 57 people last November 23, 2009. and I just hope the justice system will barely improve ‘cause a lot of us had seen enough of serving injustice!
Author: slick master
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