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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Zubiri’s resignation. Many sides.

Zubiri’s resignation. Many sides.
Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master
08/09/2011, 08:43 a.m.

Last week, the Philippines had been witness to a sudden resignation of one of its senators in Juan Miguel Zubiri as he filed and prepared a speech regarding his withdrawal from his elected seat.

If you can recall way back 2007, He and Atty. Koko Pimentel were on a tight race in the last post of the senatorial elections in 2007. Zubiri was part of Team Unity by then-Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Pimentel was on the other side, and attempts to follow his father whom was former Senator Nene. And the result went very complicated when polls were totaled and Pimentel was supposedly on his seat but ended up to Zubiri instead. Pimentel cried that there was a cheating anomaly involved since some independent poll watchers said that Pimentel had actually won the game between them in terms of votes which was in fact Koko was the top second senatorial winner at one province around Davao region.

4 years after being seated, Zubiri filed his resignation due to many allegations that thrown against him to the extent that his family was been hurt the most in his behalf. However, for the last time on his legislative post, he told everyone in his speech that in the eyes of God and to his fellows, HE DID NOT CHEATED.

That apparently draws different sides of views, such as Zubiri was found allegedly guilt of the cheating on the negative side. Koko’s father Aquilino Pimentel have told the media that he should resigned 4 years ago then. But for his son however, he didn’t saw anything wrong and in fact he praised ex-senator Migz for his standing that there is something else that should value the most over power – and that were his family, and his integrity. Zubiri’s resignation turned out to be historical as that was the first time in Senate that an upper house legislator had voluntarily drawn out from his throne, considering him as the last highly-elected position from the 2004 elections.

Now, whether he cheats in the polls or not? We can’t tell yet unless we’re poll watchers in either Pimentel or Zubiri’s party. I’ll let them be the judge since let’s face it. Not everything that matters the nation’s senatorial interest can be shown on the press. Though there are some newsmakers that can make and speak a word about it.

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