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Friday, January 27, 2012

ang landi ay landi, ang buhay ay buhay.

Tawagin mo na kong pathetic o anit-romantikong tao, pero may dahilan kung bakit ganun ang pananaw ko. Naniniwala naman ako sa pag-ibig. Yun nga lang, ang mali ay mali at hindi pwedeng maging tama, at hindi pwedeng gawing excuse ang pagkabulag-bulagan sa pag-ibig.

At lalong hindi ako love guru. Pero sa totoo lang, parang katulad lang 'to ng mga sinusulat ko ukol sa mga ganitong paksa e. katulad nito: Ilang beses ko nang nababasa ang mga kataganag tulad nito.

"magkakamatayan tayo pag nilandi mo siya."

Hindi man sa eksaktong paglalarawan yan, pero sa totoo lang, wala kang karapatan na kitilan ang buhay niya, o kahit sinumang kapwa mo dito sa mundong ibabaw.  Bago ka mag-angas dyan, ba, e bakit?

Thursday, January 26, 2012



First things first, pardon me for branding Facebook on the term “social networking.” I just found the term appealing and relevant to it.

Anyway, Facebook has become more popular to the Filipinos since its emergence by 2009. In fact, we are the “social networking capital of the world” ever since the glory days of the social networking pioneer Friendster. And it shows, from the young kicks wanting to meet different people from all sectors of the society; to even kids that are as young as 10 years old (or even younger) will just cheat their age for the sake of securing an e-mail address and sign their own account. Indeed, in the near future, many people would have a philosophy that an online social networking account may be one of a man’s primary requirements and rights. (but come on, “are you serious?”)

Now why are we entitled to such? Well, blame it to our traditions. We are naturally friendly, hospitable at times. We like to make friends and better networks or connections with people.
But what’s wrong on being a sociable person? Honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, unless if it’s already too much. Liked you’re friends are taking advantage of your kindness for too much, you’ve picked the wrong guy to deal with, or other certain circumstances between parties.

Now I’m not surprised why people who still doesn’t have a Facebook account did not even bother nor consider of having one. But it could be even more surprising if you met an internet savvy for at least once in their lives.

As I observed the people from all the random sectors of the Facebook world, there are things that can be considered why made such choice of being private.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


01/17/2012 11:45 AM

Dogs are known to be the man’s best friend. So we should not wonder that like humans, dogs are talented too, like the ever-famous Saber from the now defunct-Magandang Gabi Bayan in the 90s.

As I checked out my channel in YouTube and my old videos in Facebook, I found this mini-feature-slash-documentary. Honestly, I don’t know how it is to called. It’s about talented-street dogs, and these two dogs that yours truly and our group saw in a mall located at the city of Manila; and they were named after the characters of that famous television show. Perhaps, living in spotlight despite poverty on its burdens are carried out by the shoulders of a certain Sergio Redoloza.

mga barbarong fans

10.25.2011 / 09:13 pm

(working title) mga barbarong fans | author: slick master

bago ang lahat, hindi lang pala sa FlipTop ang mga ganitong scenario. same goes to the other viral hits sa internet ngayon atkahit sa sports at showbiz pages sa facebook o kahit sa usapang kalye sa tunay na buhay lang. bakit ako affected? e ang babaw mo e. de, dahil sa totoo lang ito ang gusto kong sabihin. your words speaks for who you are. kaya kung ganyan ka kabobo, tanga, inutil, gago, bastardo, tarantado at kung ano pa... e bahala ka. buhay mo naman yan e. eto, opinyon ko lang. kaya wag kayong magagalit ha? mga... alam nyo na. be mature guys.

hmmm... nakikinuod ka na nga lang, nagdedemand ka pa. tapos pag napanuod na, manlalait pa. i hate to point this,