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Thursday, January 26, 2012



First things first, pardon me for branding Facebook on the term “social networking.” I just found the term appealing and relevant to it.

Anyway, Facebook has become more popular to the Filipinos since its emergence by 2009. In fact, we are the “social networking capital of the world” ever since the glory days of the social networking pioneer Friendster. And it shows, from the young kicks wanting to meet different people from all sectors of the society; to even kids that are as young as 10 years old (or even younger) will just cheat their age for the sake of securing an e-mail address and sign their own account. Indeed, in the near future, many people would have a philosophy that an online social networking account may be one of a man’s primary requirements and rights. (but come on, “are you serious?”)

Now why are we entitled to such? Well, blame it to our traditions. We are naturally friendly, hospitable at times. We like to make friends and better networks or connections with people.
But what’s wrong on being a sociable person? Honestly, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, unless if it’s already too much. Liked you’re friends are taking advantage of your kindness for too much, you’ve picked the wrong guy to deal with, or other certain circumstances between parties.

Now I’m not surprised why people who still doesn’t have a Facebook account did not even bother nor consider of having one. But it could be even more surprising if you met an internet savvy for at least once in their lives.

As I observed the people from all the random sectors of the Facebook world, there are things that can be considered why made such choice of being private.

People tend to be emotional. Well, it’s actually not bad to express your emotions. But still, you have to do it in a certain proper way. My rule: never make a decision at the height of your emotion. It means we should control what words we are saying. Because it is the modern way of judging people: through posts, comments and even tweets.

Out of purpose. Sure we may use of Facebook accounts for promoting our own stuffs (like blogs, business, events, etc.) but other than that like negativities in life, throwing hatred or terror at anyone else is simply inconsiderable. Sure we are free to express ourselves if we used to be like that. But never throw those words to other’s walls. Hurtful tirades are libellous even if it’s easy to remove.
Security-prone. Just as similar to the last one. A perfect example? You have a girl friend that is not connected to your virtual network. Why? Because her boyfriend checked her account, and rejects friend requests, including yours. So? It makes a man very insecure of his partner.

Another case is perhaps “staking.” Those people who will die to find a way to make your day or screw the hell. Worse is that it can even bully or threaten you.

Maybe another cause. Being old-fashioned. Since Facebook, Twitter,Multiply, LinkedIn were the “in” things, whatever happened to the gathering held every Fridays and Saturday nights? The real and literally social networking activity. Actually, it’s still there and I don’t think e-social-networking can kill the real act of meeting new people. It’s still the best way to spend a night out, drinking, dancing the night away and presto! Meeting people along the way! If you’re asking for “Any other after-parties?” Well, we’re getting out of the thread if we discuss that.

Various reasons? I don’t have much knowledge for that. Ask the others for that matter, though it sounds like a classic oldie.

Well, if you are not opening your mind to all goodness and possibilities of the internet, I’m afraid you will be left way behind.

But on the other side, we cannot force one to sign their slots there. After all, they have “real” buddies. And we don’t have the right to berate them anti-socials. It’s their choice to be one. Whether they are sick of using any social networking accounts, or bullied on the cyberspace, we can’t do anything about it. If they chose to be private person, respect that.

07:17 p.m. | 01-26-2012 | author: slick master

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