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Monday, October 15, 2012

Playback: MC Dash – "Return of the Phunky Juan"

10/13/2012 08:29 PM

If you think Phunky Juan is so 90s, think again.

Back to the time where the music has that refreshing funkier sound, accompanied by some break-dancing, not-so-vandal-looking graffiti art (yes, there are ones which can be considered appealing as long as it can be painted on a plain, blank, wall for good.), ghetto-looking people giving high-five to each other (and with cassette player on their shoulder?), and... presto!

“Dela Cruz, are you amused?” *screeching sound.*

Yes! Guess Who’s Back?

Somebody from the 90s hip-hop making waves once again, with a refreshing sound as it seems. Something that kids like me whom have been in to the local music has been quite missing so badly.

Dash Calzado, brother to actress Iza and son of the late choreographer Lito, ½ of the legendary duo Legit Misfitz (You’re quite good if you remember them for their track “Jabongga”), more known as “Mighty Joe Young” in the gigs, and MC Dash from the airwaves of WAVE 891… is on the roll again with a new album, and a new single as well. Well, he kicks even more with his debut music video.

Other than that, he’s been producing beats for quite decades; and a party jock at 7th high and Republiq on weekends. And if I can remember, he also penetrated the movies as the duo (Legit Misfitz) for a bunch of cameo appearances and I also heard him on his days as a jock in Magic 89.9 (Way back then I used to call the DJs just to request whatever the music I am craving in my mind).

Return of the Phunky Juan has been on the YouTube screens for almost two months (I'm talking about its official music video, by the way), and at the list of digital records thru The preview of this tracked had been on the list for like 7 months already. And by the way, ROTPJ is dedicated to Dash’s late father Feliciano Lito Calzado and his friend, the late Master Rapper Francis Magalona.

I haven’t bought the album yet, and I am listening thru the freebie-goodie of the internet.

My take? I can only give one word that spelled as D-O-P-E. The funkier sound as similar to the mixture of Manila rap and a New Orleans’ side of funk, made me feel good to listen much to this song.  So fresh, there are riffs of “Hand Clapping Song” by the Meters, a classic funk in the 60s; and the line of “Dela Cruz, are you amused?” off from either a Legit Mizfitz track or a 90s Francis Magalona’s “Meron Akong Ano” track, to compliment the record.

An old school but high standard-sounding rap track. Wow, at least that gave me a piece of nostalgic feeling. If you’re a 90s kid whom had been in to these kind of stuff way back then, at least this song will be really sound familiar to your ears.

Last note: Props to MC Dash for putting up this one. I may not be a legit hip-hopper, but seriously, the culture community, and moreover, the OPM industry should have this kind of sound once again. *salute*

Now let me do my creep-walkin’ to this type of tune. LOL!

Return of the Phunky Juan Music Video (selected details courtesy of YouTube channel NXTframe - Directed and Edited by Arbie Won, Produced by Iza Calzado and Dash Calzado


Dash Calzado’s 2012 album title track “Return of the Phunky Juan” is now available at (

Previously titled as A Returning DASH.

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  1. I have not heard of this guy before. Was he an internet sensation back in the 90s?

    1. Nope. Internet only came here in the country in 1994. But way back then, hip-hop acts were already penetrating PH entertainment mainstream.

  2. Sorry, I am not familiar with him. If he was popular back then and is making a comeback, well, I wish him luck.

  3. thanks for citing Jabongga hahaha now I can recall him lol!

  4. Never heard of him before but he does sound really talented! I wish him the best on his comeback!

  5. I'm not a hip-hopper or rapper or whatsoever, pero i like some of rap music lalo na yung magaganda ang message nung songs.. Nakilala ko si MC Dash lately lang, w/ group of rappers(187 Mobztaz), 2 of them are actually my neighbors.hehe. Do you know the rapper duo, Juan Thugz? :)

    1. Hey, sounds familiar, man. Though I haven't heard much of their songs.

  6. Cool. I hope this guy will be given a break. We need more local artists.


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