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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ms. One-line-maker 2012.

11:27 p.m., 01/02/2013

WOTL: “Salamat, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, ang boring ng Senado kung wala ka.”
This lady should deserve and award for this year. Like one of the best women personalities for the year 2012. No kidding.

You know, I’d rather hear her fiery statements than that of the other ladies who can blurted out the shit on-camera (like Mommy D’s rants when her son Manny Pacquiao lost against his Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez). Not because she is an educated or too vocal, but because she speaks with sense. Somehow, improving than what she may be before.

And during the advent of the Impeachment trial against then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, she just proved herself worthy of being a judge (maybe because that’s her previous work before). And maybe that’s one of reasons why she deserved a lot at the International Criminal Court either.
Outside the senate, her mouth doesn’t stops from speaking. Be it flavoured words, or just for fun... well, like those pick-up lines and punch lines which she uses to throw on her speeches.
Sometimes, I wonder – is Senate hearing will be a boring one without a certain Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on board?

Yes, uhmm... no? Or... maybe?

Well, on the other side, maybe the media just loved to scoop everything the hell out of her? Like...
“Ang yayabang magsalita, e mga gago naman!”
“Justice delayed is justice denied. ‘Wag na tayong magpa-epal dito!”
... just to name a few of them.

And it all came... well, to the extent she is up against almost everybody in the Senate, be it the witnesses or even her fellow senator-judges.

But aside from throwing words and phrases with some kind of emphasized meanings and messages, what she had done for this year. She is actually the principal author for the one they called “Anti-EPAL bill.” And i think, we barely needed that one.

I also began to wonder. After the impeachment trial... anyare?  Is she talked lesser this time during the respective hearings for the Sin Tax and Reproductive Health Laws, or it’s just I turned out to be a less observant on the current issues’ side of life way back then?

Nah, all I can say is that she speaks with sense, at least. Forget that she may be tack-less, too intelligent or even bipolar (as what some people may say). Seriously, we need a bunch of lawmakers and public servants like her.

She may speaks very unusual, but at least it is worth a media’s soundbite anyway.

Author: slick master | (c) 2012 september twenty-eight productions

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