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Saturday, February 02, 2013

3 Things Why I Did Not Attend My Prom.

10:20 A.M. | 02/02/2013

Prom is so high school, just like the entire concept of romance. I never attended that once-in-a-lifetime highlight event of high school, as some people may proclaim.

And I never regret that either.

I just don’t like what kids are then up to during my ages. They dig too much on computer games, dating activities, social interactions (more than just logging into the social networking pioneer Friendster and even Yahoo! Messenger), and even vices, more than the typical studying and eat-all-day-long habits. Yeah, I may love wearing preppy suits but that’s only for a photoshoot and I never wanted to have a lifestyle like that.

And please don’t give me that fucking excuse of the so-called YOLO. Yeah, you may only live once, but being young is never (I repeat… NEVER EVER) an excuse to do anything in life that is quite stupid. And it’s not fun to go dumb at all times anyway.

But why did I opted not to go to the considered as one of the most romantic events that you’ll ever have in your lifetime?

Quite expensive. Dudes and dudettes, I don’t live at the luxurious side of life. You know, I rather spend my money which I hardly earned on my allowance savings on the combo of a bucket of beer and a meal of sizzling plate, rather than wasting (oh, sorry… allotting too much of) my time and money on suits, slacks, shoes, accessories, a new handkerchief, the account settlement and even a bouquet of roses for my partner (if any). I have a lot of tasks to filled in which I barely need my money to put on rather than preparing myself for the prom. My tuition is banking on a large amount already, so why should I spend even more on other activities like prom?

Come on, slick. This is just a once in a lifetime event. How could you afford to waste this chance? Once-in-a-lifetime your face, especially if you’re a rich kid. Do you think you cannot repeat that same moment again when you grow older and have a formal date with somebody else?

Second thing, it’s too young to focus on love. I know it’s gonna be like one of those typical sayings of a late-bloomer. But so what? I mean, so the fuck what? I used to think that romance in the eyes of young aged people was misinterpreted by the ones who were once involved into it. They think that he or she was the “one,” the partner that allegedly the one that you have been waiting for. Your prom partner whom wishes and insists that you’ll be dancing with you not just all night long, but for the rest of your respective lives. And they think that the prom night was the start of everything in a formal setting.

Until college and working career came along. So, it’s quite easy to make a promise of commitment to him or her during your teenage days and dreams, but it does not guarantee you anything anyway as either one of you (or both of you actually) are quite immature enough to understand love.

Lastly, I just don’t go with the flow. Like what I said earlier, I’m different from what my typical generation-mates are doing. It’s like comparing mainstream to underground cultures. They’re romantics, I am not. They go for too much fun; I go settle for an average good. And that may sound like I’m a hell of a weirdo in the eyes of majority.

Nah. Only stupid romantics will think like that. Just saying.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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