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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Misconceptions by heart – Valentines’ Day

04:10 PM | 02/12/2013

This may be an anti-romantic post. So before you rant, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING FIRST.


I was barely inspired by a bunch of bloggers who dared to blog their insights against Valentine’s Day. Thanks a lot. Anyway...

Okay, so February 14 is just around the corner. And so... what? I mean so the fuck what?

Valentines’ Day, more known as the feast of St. Valentine, a third century Roman saint and according to my online buddy by the name of Wikipedia, Saint Valentine is widely associated to a tradition of curtly Love. And a lot more detail which is too much to fill in here, of course.

I’m quite pretty sure that no one really knows why the hell they celebrate Valentines’ Day unless they do their own research. If you haven’t done so, go straight to your monitor and IGMG. Yeah, I’ll berate this on Filipino (and I’ll quote Stanley Chi for this) – Oo. “I-Google Mo, Gago!”

To tell you honestly, the way an ordinary day runs is just like what a holiday (regardless if it’s a special or regular) runs. They only lasted for 24 hours daily and the number changes on the calendar since then. It’s all in the matter and people to turned up the hype of not.

So for people who may consider Valentine’s Day as a holiday, for me it is not – it’s just an ordinary one just like anyone else. And certainly, a very (I repeat, VERY) over-hyped day.

But come on, slick! It only happens once in a year. So why should you rant about this? Because the majority of people nowadays are so stupid that all they can do is to be driven out by the over-commercialization of media and moneymakers! They tend to forgot what the spirit of Valentines’ Day should be. That’s not how Valentine’s Day should be treated out. Sure, concerts may be considered a good event to chill out but hotel rates, dinner promos, and sales of anything that has something to do with romance? Oh, fuck that stupid system please? Haven’t you had enough with the stupidities of romantic telenovelas, affair-themed movies and popular musical shits on FM?

It’s just like the same idea as of religious hypocrisy as what I saw from Chinnie Diaz’ Rappler blog. Having faith up there is not requiring you to purchase products that are quite related from your religion.
And (oh) by the way... “Love month?” Oh, please! Love month yer face! You can love all you want anytime and anywhere and as long as there’s no special date nor time, dedication nor pressure from your peers needed to do so.

Valentines’ day is for everyone, to be honest. Who cares if you’re single, dateless and broken-hearted anyway? No need to put the big deal on Valentines’ Day ‘coz it will only last for 24 hours. In a Filipino saying, “lilipas ‘din yan.”

So I don’t see for one to have a date (unless they intend to do so) as if it is their job or a school requirement for Valentines’ Day. You can’t call that love, that’s desperation already!

Here’s my snappy answer to that question:
Siya: Bakit wala kang date ngayong Valentines?
Ako: Bakit, requirement ba 'yun?

Valentine’s day? ASUS, V-day my ass. It’s too commercialized already. I don’t see anything wrong for one to live like an ordinary day for February 14, but certainly I’m seeing something wrong on those idiots whom insanely are doing something on that day.

Haven’t you tried loving somebody?

Look, I’m a lover too at my own right. And I’m in a relationship either, and both my partner and I have the same insights when it comes to Valentines’ Day. We agreed not to take this day like a big deal unlike what the society dictates to.

Come on, you’re just bitter.

I may be one, but you’re fool enough. No, sorry, you’re quite stupid. I don’t think you understand everything that I am ranting.

Just saying.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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