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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

On the rise: AppLabs Digital Studios, Inc.

08:57 p.m. | 02/06/2013

APPLABS DIGITAL Studios logo. Photo credit:
In the present world where technology is just at your fingertips, here’s one company that is now making waves and names in terms of creating applications that will surely be a good one.

Applabs Digital Studios has been in the mobile app development industry since the early goings of 2012, thru the partnership of its Managing Director, Mr. Ian Atienza and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Azhar Khan. Considered as the youngest among the bunch of app developers, Applabs promises to deliver a package of full-of-blast-yet-sensible mobile apps that every single Juan will enjoy.

Maddie and Matt's Tagalog Version of A to Zs of Good Manners and Values
(Photo credit:
They started it all with the first of the Maddie and Matt series – the A to Zs of Good Manners and Values. An application made under its subsidiary, KidApps, Inc., Maddie and Matt is an interactive-yet-educational program for kids that talks about proper behavior , something that a person should always have when he or she grows up.
(Photo credits: and
Then another app came along with Maddie And Matt’s Happy Earth, then followed by Safe World. They were all launched at the same year. The said following versions is about Maddie and Matt’s adventures, dealing thru obstacles of present and aiming for a safe and a fun-to-live-with planet.

CAR CRAZEE. (Photo credit:
Another flagship app for Applabs is the Car Crazee app which was launched last December at SM City Sta. Mesa, Manila. The app can be compared to something like Instagram as the said application was used mostly for the photographs of the cars.

ReMINEd. (Photo credit:
Also part of their products’ list is ReMINEd, an application which acts likes a visual reminder for a person who is goal-oriented in life, or just aiming for some material matters ahead. Sounds like a wishlist, eh?

ID BUDDY Lite version (Photo credit: )
ID Buddy, your alternate source of identity where it serves as your virtual copy of your identification cards. So to give that bulky wallet a rest from all the IDs.

MyPhone Live App
(Photo credit:
Also, Applabs has a bunch of applications that caters for the other companies’ need. Such as for Myphone’s case, the said mobile brand company will be having their own set of applications and website thru the partnership of Applabs.

Labeled as MyPhone Live, the application will features up to the date trends and news in several fields, the phone brand’s services, and a lot more. It will be launched soon.

App Shopper: EnviroPop Lite
(Photo credit:
Applabs also teamed up with World Widlife Fund in creating an application aiming for environmental awareness – the Enviropop. The application is launched February 6, 2013 at TGIF, Glorietta 3 Makati City.

One of their clients is the Associated Broadcasting Corporation, which was more known as TV5. Applabs has been the broadcasting television network’s project-maker in the aspects of mobile and entertainment lifestyle guide, that is thru creating and developing applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Applabs aims to be THE premier applications development on the planet.  They also commit themselves to create unique and value-enriched apps that educate, entertain and inform the people of all ages.
In addition to their specialties, Applabs also served their clients thru creating and developing websites as well, such as for Unitel Productions’ I Do Bidoo Bidoo official page, redesigning of the Pilipino American Military Retirees Association’s website as well, to name a few.

Well, this coming 2013, watch out for Applabs as they will come up for something that is BEST. 

Indeed, the App revolution has begun.

Visit Applabs Digital Studios' website at

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