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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Second Big Clash.

05:00 PM | 03/09/2013

I’m not a huge fan of wretsling nor I’ve seen all of the WWE’s clashes. But something caught my attention then. John Cena versus The Rock for the Wrestlemania 2013. And... yes, again, for the WWE Championship.

Could it all be revenge for the former or will the latter prevail for the 2nd time?

The John Cena versus The Rock was the match that I could hardly forget. That was one of the hell battles I’ve seen for 2012, perhaps because it was staged as the main event of the 23rd Wrestlemania showcase at Miami, Florida.

Touch challenge with scripts as set-up pun intended? But hey, I’d prefer watching this clash rather than the other who ended up resorting to the so-called “dirty tactics” to pull enough some kind of dramatic effect.
Well, after seeing WWE Superstars’ snippet of Monday Night Raw match of CM Punk against John Cena (in which the latter prevails), looks like it’s gonna be a homecourt advantage for Cena. While on the other hand, The Rock was on the verge of defending himself and the title he’d won last year at the South Florida Beach. Nah, all I know is that Cena also bagged the belt for this year’s Royal Rumble either, before that hell-of-an-almost-shit match at the last main event of that night.

Will it be a deja vu or an occurence of a 360 degree turn-around?

Hmm... well, let’s see this coming April in New York.

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