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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Just My Opinion: Kevin Ware's Injury.

5:40:40 PM | 4/4/2013 | Thursday

It was a simple jump that jeopardized his leg. 

Sometimes, no other opponent can stopped a man’s dreams and race for his passion to do something he loved, such as getting involved into sports like basketball. Only the so-called “injury” can do so for him, something that no one ever wished (unless you are a total hater) to happen.

Well, let’s hope that he can play again, even if it will take a long time for him to recover from that traumatic incident.

Perhaps this will fall as one of the worst injuries ever occurred at a sports activity.

Who would have thought that the Louisville’s sophomore guard Kevin Ware’s last jump in attempt to block the opponent’s 3-point shot will put his basketball career in serious jeopardy? Forgot the fact that Ware’s opponent made the long basket, I think even him cannot express his dismay over what happened (I mean, nobody wants that to happen anyway).

Hey, that incident might even consider as a killer. Yes, damn killer. That took place with around 6 minutes and 33 seconds before the halftime intermission of their game against the Duke Blue Devils at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

As he fell down on the floor, his bone snapped in total dislocation. Literally, it broke with one part of it cutting his skin, making the scenario much even grosser and worse. (P.S. with all due respect, I will not post that picture. Have it your way on the search engines instead)

When I saw this video in YouTube, I ended up having a different face as my reaction. Too much on my disbelief, I cannot afford to finish the video and switched that on my other browser tab instead. I can’t even afford to take a second look and study every possible angle on why he ended up like he got his leg falling down even under. Yikes!

That short flick even discouraged me to play basketball. That will happen though if I ended up focusing on that incident for too much.

After seeing a report regarding that injury on CBS website, it was stated that he landed very awkwardly with his leg going on two directions. OUCH.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s only in the basketball world that such type of injury do exists. Though on the other side, what more in some much physically-speaking, high-intense sports, by which the most participated body part was legs? That could be even more brutal.

The upside though is that Ware managed to handle everything properly, and the process of healing would take around 8 to 12 weeks.

But on the other side, I doubt that. Maybe give him some longer time to recover and he can play again. Though another saddest part is that once a player got injured big time, that can really changed his style of playing to the extent that one may not be as strongest as he was before. Of course, he has to be wary of his condition even if it’s already fine.

Yikes! That’s all I can say. Let’s give him prayers and wishes that everything will be better for him.

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