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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Replay Value: Ginebra Versus Meralco

3:15:24 AM  | 4/9/2013 | Tuesday

(This was apaprently a late post as Ginebra lost its last assignment at the hands of Alaska Aces just this Wednesday, April 10, 2013)

It was another Superball Sunday at the Big Dome as Ginebra faces off Meralco at the main event of the games last April 7, 2013.

Well, things turned out to be a bunch of highlight reels as Ronjay Buenafe, Marc Cardona, Rob Labagala, LA Tenorio, Eric Dawson and even Rudy Hatfield pulled off massive tricks on their way to the basket.
Thrilling effort indeed from both squads. They both made their own scoring surge. And in the end, it was Brgy. Ginebra, prevailing on a nail-biter, 91-90, off from that Vernon Macklin drive on the last 7.7 seconds.

Brgy. Ginebra had their streak going to 6 wins, while Dawson, who scored 57 points in the previous outing with the Meralco Bolts, only managed to mark 27 for the game. Well, that would have been 29 if he managed to nail his last runner thought. All that came with 5 blocks – with the majority of them came at the first half. Such a solid defensive effort.

But I’d rather put them on the replay value. Why, because of a solid crowd cheering up one team? No, but because of the intensity that the game was played. Just imagine, Rob Labagala’s relentless chase to steal the ball from Dawson. And then, at the other end, Rudy Hatfield’s shot that went on even if he was sitting at the ground. Buenafe’s series of long jumpers are going in, even if with Mac Baracael in front of him for most of the time. And include that T-Mac connection (as in Tenorio to Macklin alley-oop play).

The win made Brgy. Ginebra to move to the #3 spot.

Perhaps, I’ll put Rudy’s shot on the spotlight, just like what Mick Pennisi’s flop did last year. Worth all of the attention.

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