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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3s for Game 3

2:13:41 PM | 6/12/2013 | Wednesday

How did San Antonio won Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals? Check out this video.

So, there you go. 16 long distance shots made by the San Antonio Spurs in this third game against the Miami Heat in the championship series. That’s already a wrecking record, as they broke the previous mark of 15 3-point shots set by 3 teams before them. And take note, they’re making those shots quite accurately, as they’re shooting 50 percent from there (16-of-32). How about that? You always hearing the guys like Mike Breen of ESPN goes “Green from downtown! Bang, that’s good!” |

Daniel Green and Gary Neal were more accountable for those shots, 13 out of 16… and, in only 19 combined attempts (9 for Green and 10 for Neal). Parker made one, and Kawhi Leonard with two. Now I’m wondering, that’s only four guys, and the ones who made it the most were primarily, the role players (with a brief excuse for Green though as he started the game but still he’s on his role). Come to think that their superb guard Manu Ginobili, big men like Matt Bonner and even Tim Duncan can shoot like the way these four dudes on a lights out basis, they’re dangerous.

No match was the offensive prowess (?) of LeBron James and company, except for Mike Miller’s 5-for-5 from rainbow distance though (which gives him 8 straight 3-point shots made without a miss on his every attempt).

Defense always comes in for the part of the home team, but the visitors were just as schooled as anyone else who’s a Heat’s hater may think. They’re even outrebounded for the second straight game (game 2: 36-44; game 3:36-52). Forget the fact that they crash the boards for at least 36 times each outing; they’re losing one huge part of their battle.

It seems though that in the previous 2 games so far, the scoring surge on the second half dictated the game’s decision for which team will be the winner, eh? From the third and fourth quarters of Game 3, the Heat only scored a measly 33 points – that’s already close to the equivalent points scored by the Spurs on the 4th quarter with 35.

So I think that’s a perfect way of bouncing back from Tim Duncan’s worst NBA Finals game ever, eh?
I’ll say… it is “one blowout after the other.”  The Heat’s coaching staff and players barely need to make a massive adjustment on Thursday or else their roller-coaster ride to the championship will be putted on their very last ride this time around. 

Another dilemma on their part though is that the Heat will stay on the Alamo for the next two games without their momentum on their side. So ther quiet team by the name of the Spurs will make an even louder noise closer to the big one.

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