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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Accidental Art of Missing The Screening of Juana C the Movie

11:00:58 PM | 6/18/2013 | Tuesday

This would fall down as one of my biggest regrets so far for this year. I have yet to see this damn movie – Juana C. Thanks for that brief period of being broke. That screwed my plans.

As far as I can recall, on Mae Paner’s (a.k.a. the activist “Juana Change”) interview on Chinkee Tan’s program a few weeks ago, the movie was not just about her personal life, but as one of the political activists or better known as the “whistleblowers” of the society’s corrupted side. Moreover, Juana C the movie is more than the typical Juana Change videos that any YouTubers used to see.

If that is the case, then they appeared like they’re really different from what the Philippine Cinema’s actually showing: romanticism, infidelity, complex, commercial, “chick flick,” you name it. Juana C’s got that sense – and that “sense” is something we need at present. Definitely, a “must.”

Apparently, Juana C has a very good remark on most of the blogs, plain movie reviewers, and even the legitimate critics.

Yes, they’re totally different according to their eyes. This sex-comedy-slash-political-satire show will make the viewers think about what is happening to the society they are living. I can’t tell the entire synopsis yet. You better do your research right there, and go be thankful if you managed to watch it despite a shorter screening span of time. ‘Coz if that’s the case, then right now I’m saluting people like you, as I eliminate the envious feeling in me. LOL!

They starred Juana Change herself (I mean Mae Paner), John James Uy, and Angelica Kanapi; along with NiƱo Muhlach, Soxy Topacio, Joel Lamangan, Ronnie Lazaro and Joel Torre. Produced by Laganap Productions, and released by Solar Entertainment, Juana Change the movie was written by Rodolfo Vera  and directed by Jade Castro.

Say, these guys may be underrated nowadays, but they’ve got that real star-studded cast. Indeed, a “heavyweight shit.”

I may have not seen the movie yet, (and really, I’m dying on my want to do so), but this movie’s a real deal.


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