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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Review: G.I. Joe Retaliation

7:24:21 PM | 5/30/2013 | Thursday

Retaliation, the second G.I. Joe film made by the Hasbro toys alongside Paramount Pictures, , promises to bring another bunch of excitement by being one of the most promising and “must-watch” action movies of the year 2013.

Nah, are you serious?

Well, honestly I liked some parts of the movie. It has quite a clear (though not totally clear) vision of the plot lines. The armed forces’ crew got back from its feet after being framed up as the present-day “fugitives” or “terrorist. Only to found out that the United States president fooled the world by proclaiming the world news and triggered a world war by means of launching their nuclear powers.

Though I wonder why Channing Tatum’s portrayal of Duke has to go on a much shorter exposure in this picture. They got a good chemistry right there with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce Willis. Seems like Duke lasted for less than half-hour of the movie, considering that he supposedly got a heavy role right there (or maybe there will be another G.I. Joe episode, which he will live and return by surprise).

Some plots seemed to have not got a quite enough exposure either. Fight scenes are supposed to be tough fight scenes even if one of the opponents went down over The Rock’s signature move in the entertainment sequences known as “choke slam.” Though I personally liked the ninja’s clash at the Himalayan mountains, especially if we’re talking about those stunt moves and cinematography techniques.

I’m not surprised though that this movie has been less-welcomed and have less hype than the other action-adventure genre, based on the fiction character (be it a toy or a cartoon character) type of movie. And perhaps, maybe it’s because the prequel of the latest G.I. Joe installment had been badly criticized by some of its movie reviewers.

Overall, it’s good for one-time viewing only. Do have your playback at your own risk, but maybe its replay value will diminish after you saw it again for the second time (or even first).

The verdict: 7 (grade out of 10)

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