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Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage: Dwyane Wade

2:30:51 PM | 6/17/2013| Monday

Vintage – that is the word to describe Dwyane Wade’s epic performances against the Spurs in Game 5. And for the third time though, it appeared to be another blowout game after the other for the NBA Finals as the Heat leveled their series to 2 apiece after that 106-93 victory at the Alamo city.

Considering this factor: the last time that the Spurs have been defeated at an NBA Finals game at home, was during their duels with then defending-champion Detroit Pistons – and it was way back 2005. As setback on Game 6 served a victorious game 7 in favor of the home team, just perfect to dethrone the Pistons and snatched the crown in their hands then.

Well, for whatever reasons, Dwyane Wade really needed that. He needs to step up big time. It’s not easy for LeBron to carry the team alone, especially if the Spurs’ defense continues to hound him along the way. He ended up with 33 markers though.

When was the last time that the Flash played at the Finals like... well, as the Flash? (I mean the real superhero-like role). 2006; when the Heat rallied all the way from a 13-point deficit in Game 3, and from that 2-0 hole to win the championship at the expense of the then-most-notable Dallas Mavericks.

He ended up with 32 on the game, with big plays along the way in the fourth quarter.

Can we see more of him in the final 2 or 3 games? We’ll never know, as the Spurs will try to end their last home game of the season on a very high winning note.

Anyway, the best of seven series is now down into a best-of-three affair.


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