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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Game Review: Minion Rush

7/21/2013 10:44:19 AM
I myself had not get much involved into the modern stuff the world offers right now, only except for blogging and social networking sites, until this year came along with a bunch of applications that showed premise and promises of excitement. Apparently, one of them is what they called as “Minion Rush.”

Gameloft developed the mobile game, with the characters conceptualized off from that Despicable Me movie series produced by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

So far, with the Minion fever sweeping the pop culture from almost all over the places of this world, fans of that DM movie enjoyed the miniature-sized, wacky-by-both-heart-and-mind creatures even more. Thanks to that mobile game. Nah, and even yours truly seems to get indulged into this game even more.

How does this game really run? Want a serious answer? You have to run it on your own. I mean your minion as your character. You’ve got to collect bananas, jump all over the obstacles, defy the other despicable minions along the way, and beat those villains the hell out of your way. All that and more will come along the way, in order for you to garner the award of the so-called “Minion of the Year.”

Plain simple as it seems, eh? Well, as it really is.

What could even be more exciting is that the longer you play, the game goes with much higher intensity. Distance, despicable actions against fellow minions, bananas collected, and obstacles jumped and ducked, you name it.

Minion Rush runs around two game settings that are connected to each other – the residential area and Gru’s lab. And speaking of villains, Vector is present in the laboratory, while the game producers developed Meena as a challenger to stop the Minions’ adventure.

Aside from that, along the way you can acquire special weapons that you can utilize to race your score even higher in a matter of seconds, depending on it. Be it a Freeze Ray, Minion Shield, Gru’s Rocket, Banana Splitter, Banana Vacuum, or even more.

There’s so much more – a shop which you can upgrade your weapons and buy new costumes, an achievements’ tab by which you can get more tokens depending on your performance in the game, and even a social networking platform (via Facebook, of course) if you want to check who appears to be the best Minion on your network.

Okay, I tried playing this game via my sister’s tablet and phone, alongside with my friends, and girlfriends’, and ended up getting addicted into it. At first it appeared that it looked like a mixed resemblance of two games – Temple Run (if you’re inside Gru’s Lab), and Subway Surf (in case you’re racing around the residential area). I haven’t checked the other applications though it seems that Minion Rush is the best game to play for this moment, eh? This thing may be actually much boring than the likes of Candy Crush in terms of levels and stages, but nah, it don’t really matter to me. Cyclic-runned-adventures like Minion Rush suited better for me.

I wonder if once the DM’s minion mania will be over soon, so was the impact of this game. But you have to love the wackiness brought by these characters, something that saved me from my every single day’s stressful life at the moment I started to played it.

But yeah, have to man my score up even more soon, though.

The verdict: 8.75/10

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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