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Friday, July 26, 2013

July Blues (A Personalized Rant)

7/25/2013 3:35:52 PM

Sometimes, all I wanna do is to rant. I may have done than when it comes to tackling the public issues, but I never much wrote about my personal life (‘coz in the first place, who am I to speak up? Aside from being one of the bloggers whom top authored the community blog site Definitely Filipino? Right?). That is something I have been keeping off. But sometimes, all I wanna do is to rant.

It’s been not a good month for me.

Look, at the start of July, I was diagnosed by a dermatologist and founded out that I have been bothered by skin allergies, resulting into taking up medications for 10 straight days. I got recovered though;the problem is that it screwed my savings.

Plus, I did not know that the company’s operations was really killed. I was absent on the day the office went something that is quite bad. The company shut down their offices in total. I never knew anything until I supposedly went to work the next day, when I was informed by one of the top guys of corporate security. Went home having that frown, and seemed to be hopeless.

Considering these things: I haven’t got a Certificate of Employment; the company did not gave us our last pay; and that is something that I am upset about. Yes, damn it! Look, I work hard to earn, to have money on my own, but look at these guys… they deprived that from us. I should have thought of filing a case against them on the Department of Labor and Employment but to no avail. I don’t mind if I won’t have a separation pay since I am not yet a regular employee of theirs, but they have to give us what we worked for the last and dying days of the company. I did not mind my ailment just to workday in and night out.

Maybe if I’m out of my mind, I would’ve thought of doing theacts of unbecoming, but I’d rather have not to do so. I should have beenlooking for work, but the thing is the circumstances did not favored me foralmost 9 out of 10 times.

Sucks to be in this type situation, right? Even though ifI’m not praying for any downsides to occur, it seems that it’s every July eachyear when jinx have been hitting on me.

Thanks a lot, I know better days will be ahead, but I wish those fraudulent days will be over soon. You better give our pay.

Nah, forgive me for ranting about life this time, I should have keep it from myself. But then, the fact that this bad emotion is making a mere space of shelf like a vault into my mind and heart will kill me little by little and in a long run.

How many times that I will dig Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Minion’s Banana video just to keep me satisfied and happy for a while? Jeez. Being happy could be as costly as fuck though. My wallet is like a fragile glass… it’s already broke and broken.

Okay, enough of this rant.

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