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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Minion Mania

7/19/2013 7:55:43 AM Saturday

It seems like we’re always been fascinated on what we saw at the movies, eh? Look, motion pictures nowadays played a big factor on controlling the pop culture, especially for the generation of yuppies just like yours truly. Not bad though, considering that the other popular things are just for total commercial sellout purpose alone (even if it’s quite a no-brainer’s choice for some).

These past few months, cinema-goers indulged their pleasure more on the foreign films which are totally different from what the local counterpart is showcasing about. Last April and early-May, we saw people who seemed to had a bit of braveness and same style of arrogance (?) as if he is Tony Starks on Iron Man 3 (like yours truly). Late May to early June, a more action-packed Vin Diesel droved movie-goers crazy after the sixth film of The Fast and The Furious series aired on that wide screen. And just a few weeks ago, it seemed everyone wanted to be Superman just like Henry Cavill, nor a grown-up character from the Monster’s University.

But July 2013 had a different story though. Aside from what Monster’s U’s impact had brought to the avid cinema fans, we have drifted from being a super-humane character into a much, kiddo one. And I am talking about the minions of the second Despicable Movie.

Everyone seemed to get involved into the so-called “minion mania,” eh?

Those cute, little creatures from Gru’s lab turned out to be the focal point on Illumination Entertainment’s strategy to market the film worldwide. Usual things turned out very usual – of course, kids (whether by age, heart, or even by mindset) would always love it. I would not surprise why McDonalds hadn't survived the wave of demand from their customers who can’t get enough of their own share of cravings to bring a Despicable toy special-packed-in-a-Happy Meal home. Yours truly even managed to buy only one and gave it to my girlfriend since she’s the one who’s been more addicted into it unlike me.

At the event of the film’s showing in the country, everyone bought their tickets and packed up the cinematic seats. From the first thing in the afternoon until to the wee hours, indeed, the Despicable Movie 2 was a total sellout. Thought too bad, after suffering a bunch of setbacks, I still have yet to see the damn movie (How was it, peeps? Go get your spoiler alert mode on, pretty please?).

And come to think that a mobile game that appeared to be a mixed resemblance of an epic Temple Run and Subway Surf went the Minions’ way this time around. It’s called “Minion Rush,” a running-and-adventure-like game aiming to beat the hell out of the other minions (and users as well) for a chance-to-supremacy – a Minion of the Year award. And the domination of the likes of Candy Crush seemed to be demolished by this Minion Rush for quite a while.

But other than scoring a Happy Meal, the movie itself, and that app, how did these minions make such huge impact to the present genes? Other than belting out their version of I Swear (or should I say “underwear?”), doing Minion Talks (HUH?!), hearing Pharell Williams’ songs (that 40-year-old music genius was the movie scorer of this good damn franchise), and transforming their respective profile pictures into their minion-natured ones? I certainly have no other idea. Yes, no other freaking idea!

Well, it’s just proved out that movies can take you to greater heights – and I am talking about 2 Is – impact and influence. However, I swear to anyone else that only rare people really knew what the DESPICABLE really means. Better do your research.

This minion mania will be over soon, unless the guys from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment will create another Despicable Me sequel. Just saying.

P.S. Hey, can I have my banana?

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