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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Playback: Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky

7/17/2013 10:13:00 P

Here’s something that caught my ear’s attention. Maybe this song gave me a bit of nostalgic feeling, something that I (personally speaking) have been sorely missing to hear.

At least I still have a lot of reasons why I would still tuned in to my radio. Thanks to Daft Punk’s latest single, I might Get Lucky on my future endeavors.

Who would have thought that this single named “Get Lucky” was now considered as one of the best dance tunes at present time?  The song that was written by Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers (one of the “Chic” or should I say... err, Chics?!), with Pharell Williams joining the collaboration, turned out to be quite a massive hit for some time, a few months ago after it was released. To say at least, the period of putting up everything on work (18 months in total) did really work out for good.

Look, Pharell Williams’ real age don’t showed on the way he perform his own share of musical talent, either by live on stage or behind the recorder’s microphone (this guy’s on his 40s already). And come to think that the French house music duo Daft Punk had been around the world and still made some noise for already two decades.

This track already got their own share of recognition right before the artists pulled the trigger to release and sell it on the market. “Get Lucky” was already part of those Saturday Night Live advertisements and even on the video series titled The Collaborators.

Five days after the single was released, Get Lucky debuted at the top spot of the French Singles Chart, the first song to do so after “One More Time” in 2001 by no less than... well, the same dance duo named Daft Punk. On the other hand, it went straight to #2 on ARIA Singles Chart on Australia, while the song debuted at fifth place on Billboard dance/electronic songs of the week.

Well, it’s more than just getting sexual, though. The beat easily attracted me to get into this track, putting me into an illness more known as the Last Song Syndrome. More of a disco-fiasco like thingy when you try to listen to it for quite some time.

And forget the condom too though. Haha! I know it’s sexually good, but I’m more pertaining on my listening pleasure.

Indeed, an epic collaboration between these three artists. Good job for them!

So give me my last two words for this song: sexually nostalgic.

Get Lucky is the first single by Daft Punk off the album Random Access Memories. Performed alongside Pharell Williams and co-written by Nile Rodgers, Get Lucky was released on 19 April 2013. (Information credits to Wikipedia).

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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