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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Throwback: Original Prankster

9/18/2013 9:06:37 PM

Here’s something we got for a throwback.

Hey, it’s only this year when I listened to this track for the first time, huh? I’ve been a fan of that 90s punk rock band called The Offspring, especially during those “top-of-the-wee-hours” when Pretty Fly was the first song playing on my radio.

But this song was way better than the other famed tracks such as Self-Esteem, Why Don’t You Get A Job? Hit That, their comeback hit Kristy, Are You Doin’ Okay? or even my all-time favorite in Pretty Fly.
You talk about prank’s music? You better should dig this. Yes, they’re the Original Pranksters of the 90s.

And meantime, here I got is the real (and uncensored, except for one scene right there) video from the streaming site Vimeo. In case you can't see the entire thing in this post, feel free to search them out on the said website, and you'll see the real thing right there.

Hey, I mean real “prank’s” music, huh? If you know what I mean or what the hell I am talking about.

Song details: (information credits to Wikipedia)
“Original Prankster”
Artist: The Offspring
Album: Conspiracy of One (their sixth studio album; released in 2000); Greatest Hits (2005)
Featured in Rob Schneider’s The Animal (2001); largest single of the album; third single to reach Platinum after Pretty Fly and Why Don’t You Get A Job?

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