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Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets Book 2

9/30/2013 3:32:53 PM

So… the planets have gone crazy again, eh?

One hell-sick-noisemaker in the name of Lourd de Veyra has a lot more to tell, and it’s all in his second book – the book 2 of This Is A Crazy Planets (With no pun intended, but the last word was spelled right even if you argue on the grammatical structure of the entire title).

This Is A Crazy Planets is the Radioactive Sago Project frontman-slash-TV5 personality‘s blog section at the lifestyle website; and selected articles from the said blog site (dated from 2011-2013) were the main content of his second book: From foodie to selfie; from offending religious feelings, to the “baby” informal settlers; from knockout losses to Palito and Dolphy’s death; from all the rants-against-the-stupidities-of-our-society to his cute puppy dogs.

Universal as it seems, eh? No wonder why's garnered much, much recognition from the cyberspace; thanks to the comments and shares thru the selected social networking sites.

Nothing much to tell on his book, though if you ask me to compare book 2 from book 1 – hmm, I’ll say the latter’s got more angst (and I mean, real “angst”). More satire write-ups (to which seems the majority of his readers fired up on their anger, only to realized that he is writing them with pure wit and sarcasm, and they’re just plain stupid not to get what he is really pointing about). There’s more sarcastic remarks; and with much vulgarity with the use of profane language.

Not to mention… hey, he got more Filipino articles here.

Plus, the present installment comes with two unpublished entries.

You know, there are lot of people who used blogged in such the same manner and content like he does. Even yours truly used to throw fiery-commentary-with-some-humor either. But I swear to anyone else, here in the Philippines, he’s the master for that. He can nail the coffin and he will not care if you got hurt. He will not be offended and will never care if you hate what he said.

On why he hates seeing tweets that seemed “stupid” in his perception? Why he did not go with the flow of the “selfie” generation? Why he seemed to think way older than his 38-year-old self (it could be some kind of medieval in the others’ eyes)? Why he loved Dolphy despite pointing “flop” on the latter’s last movie Father Jejemon? On how he continues to ditch the present society and even the media… even if he too was a talent on one of the major TV networks today (that may sound hypocrite, but only if you don’t even get the point of what he’s ranting)?

Some people may ask me: Why go purchase the book if you can read them in the internet anyway? Well, we all have our own choices on how we patronizes Lourd’s column. I chose to dig his book since not at all times I used to be in front of the computer (with internet connection, of course) and go satisfy my cravings for his satirical manners right there. In remote areas (unless you have a smartphone with you), at least I can still read his rants anyway.

Besides, as a writer, nothing beats a book. I mean, you can write all you want, all the time, but having a book of your writings will make you feel complete.

Now, if you’re asking me if I will recommend this to you? Yeah. It really is a must-read book. Not just because I am a fan, but I’m telling you, Lourd de Veyra is one of the writers who may be a despicable elitist, but he still manages to deliver his message to almost (if not all) every   single reader of (whether you are an A-Lister, the middle classmen, or part of the “masa”). In fact, 7 out 10 times I can only agree on his points about the current issues. But at least, I can say that he really has the nerve to convey strong words, those that will slap you if you want to wake your eyes (and ass) off. 

The Verdict: 8.5

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions


  1. Whoa so we have a book 2! Imma check this out asap :D

    1. yessir! indeed! you should check that out. there are bonus posts right there. something that is unpublished on his blog at

  2. meron akong kopya ng una nyang crazy planets. paborito ko na sya kahit noong hindi ko pa nababasa ang mga akda nya. paborito ko ang radioactive sago lalo na kapag sa mga live performances. idol ko siya sobra. sana nga ay makapanayam ko sya balang araw.

    1. I have to admit, naging fan ako ni Lourd nung nakita ko pa ang kanyang music video nun na astro (palibhasa wala pa sa kamalayan ko nun ang underground gig kahit sa totoo lang ay trip ko din pumunta sana sa mga ganun). since 2011 ko pa binabasa ang mga blog niya sa, at the same time, habang tinatangkilik ko din ang kanyang word of the lourd. I think maari pa namng mangyari yan e.

      ang nagas lang ng aura niya, ayon sa isa sa mga friends ko sa UST nun. however nung nameet ko sya sa mga book signing events ng this is a crazy planets, rock and roll lang siya, parang kung iaapproach mo siya as if na parang "ser" mo siya, he'll treat you like one. at kung swabe naman at may halong rock-and-roll, same thing. I'll tell more about that pag sinulat ko ang experience ko sa pag-pirma niya sa mga kopya ko ng libro niya... soon!

  3. aabangan ko 'yan ser!

    aabangan ko rin ang libro mo. sana magkaroon ka na \m/

    1. hehe. see my latest post at the moment (Spotted: This Is A Crazy Planets 2 Book-Signing Event; URL:

      Nyahaha! Sa totoo lang, wala pa sa ambisyon ko ang magka-libro. Pero kung papalarin man na alukan ako na magkaroon, why not? Salamat sa pag-hanga, tol.


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